Friday, January 23, 2009


Julie Covington - huge in 70s Britain! Rock Follies! Evita! Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds ! And this! From Mrs H's old singles box!!

Do you like a fretless bass? I love one. Here it's played by top session man Dave Markee and makes the record.

Oh, and that's John Cale on keyboards.

Julie Covington - 'Only Women Bleed' (1977)

He were a top feminist that Alice Cooper.


  1. I do like a bit of fretless, as long it's controlled - have you lent an ear to Jaco.. yet?

    Surprises from Mrs M's record box include Jethro Tull albums, Pepperbox and J J Burnell Euroman Cometh !?!?

    Great track forgotten all about this one

  2. Oh and look at this Smart Alec playing the Jaco riffery - not quite as nimble fingered as this though

  3. Rispeck Mond! Yes, I love a bit of Jaco - esp. his stuff with Joni.

  4. My dad played a cab driver in Rock Follies back in the days when he was an extra.

  5. No speaking parts unfortunately!

  6. Major fav fretless: Japan's Mick Karn.

  7. I wouldn't know a fretless bass if it took me roughly from behind, but I knows what I like.

    Mrs H has a singles box? I love a rummage if this is typical of the dusty 45s.

    Me and my mate Lancelot used to snigger at the back of the 4th form class to this one. Perhaps shoulda been used in a Lillets advert etc.

    Have a lovely weekend family H.


  8. Danny Thompson, now he was a fretless bass player, fucked up a good few John Martyn compositions mind you.
    Just seen Edwyn Collins, the man is a LEGEND and guitar players, Roddy Frame could piss all over the likes of Clapton and Page.

    Lancelot, I hope he murdered his parents or at least disowned them when he grew up.

  9. I suspect that names may have been changed to protect the innocent.

  10. No no, Lancelot was the boldest and most expensive of the pupils.

  11. I've got some Rock Follies tunes I was going to post soon as I can think of something to say about the show. I remember it vividly but I can't remember if it was actually any good though.

  12. I don't suppose it was, do you? I look forward to your take on it though, you're good on that stuff. Unlike me. It'll have been too 'rock' and 'edgy' for the Aged Ps - and I'd have been in bed long before. Pretending to sleep.

    I had 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' on single!


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