Friday, January 16, 2009


It would have been the Smash Hits with, of all people, Rod Stewart on the cover, or maybe a few issues later; it would have been all Dan Hartman, The Buzzcocks and Driver 67 and the words to this inside; and punk and post-punk and pub rock and new wave and disco and doowop revivalism and novelty schlock and good old silly old pop set all the singles charts on fire and bliss was it at that time to be alive (and 14!) with more records sold in Woolworths in one hour than in the entire 21st century to date (probably).

You could look, sound and talk 'underground' (i.e. be going to art college) but also pull off a big poppy chart smash and be on Top Of The Pops for everyone's Mum (including your own) to say 'What is she wearing?' or even, as mine did with Tubeway Army's 'Are Friends Electric?' (whilst ironing) 'I like that; it's something a bit different' (she was 57 at the time). You could do interviews in which you listed your influences as 'early Roxy Music' and 'Horses' and tell us your favourite sock colour was yellow and you hated Kia Ora, and good on you.

(None of this may be true, but it remains The Truth).

I pretended to hate this at the time, whilst secretly liking it. Last night I played it downstairs as I was knocking up a bit of tomato pasta and my eldest daughter (9) said 'Daddy, can I please have this on my iPod?'.

'It's just pop music' - Mick.

Eh ooh eh ooh!

Lene Lovich - 'Lucky Number' (1979)


  1. It was always good. But then I was 10 when this was out, so I suspect my brain was more open to it's charms. It's the missing link between X Ray Spex and Toni Basil....

  2. Oh, very good. Or how about between Pauline Murray and Cyndi Lauper...

  3. That starts leading us down the route that Lene Lovich influenced Madonna though doesn't it? All those ribbons and fingerless lace things...

    Scary thought...

  4. Aston Villa played a Bulgarian team in the UEFA Cup earlier this season called Litex Lovech. How we laughed.

  5. I've got the very issue with Lena on the cover at home - I found box fulls, of my old Smash Hits (and Flexipop) last year - I really should start scanning some in...other cover stars include - X Ray Spex, The Clash, The Professionals (!?)..

    I almost bought Lucky Number , but had a last minute wobble and bailed as the grumpy shop (Kelleys Records : sold records and did TV rentals)assistant took it from it's little numbered booth behind the counter ..

    She also did a version of 'I Think We're Alone Now' light years before Tiffany (tip off from Mrs PM who had the LL album, and J J Burnell Euroman Cometh ?

  6. Nice! I must dig out the versh I have of 'Think We're Alone Now' by thrashpunk combo Snuff (!).

  7. Lene Lovich scared me, Debbie Harry on the other hand . . well.

  8. ?????
    Always loved this record. What's not to like? Heard it 'fresh' again when the Stiff 'A Hard Nights Day' compilation was released and loved the sound of it - all upfront and analogue-y. A lot of late 70s records have the same vibe. A classic era for singles in my opinion.

    One of my favourite record shops in the 70s, Radio House in Yeovil, sold TVs in the front and records at the back. It was the best shop for singles. I must write a post about the singles I bought from their 10p box.

    I know I promised to 'outcheese' you today but I've been looking after a sick child and Mrs Mick has only just got back from work. It might happen later but don't hold your breath.

    Word verification: untru - honestly!

  9. I quite understand Michael. I am happy to wait longer for your cheese, as long as I know your cheese shall arrive.

  10. she was way too batty for me. i've never been able to cope with those look at me i'm screechy types. just calm down dear. but somehow it's good that the young uns like it. on headphones.

  11. Since others in her class are 'into' 'High School Musical' I take pride x

  12. Yup, she scared me at the time too. Move forward six years and I wanted a girlfriend who looked like that...

    Analayse that if you please Dr Davy.

  13. 'Analayse' ? Mr Clark, Dr Freud will see you now!


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