Monday, January 19, 2009

Gorillaz (Slight Return)

Damon Albarn presented a brilliantly eclectic Peelie-type show 'for' Zane Lowe on BBC Radio One last week, an edited versh of which you can still listen to here.

He played some demos of songs from what will be the next Gorillaz album, including this, which is rather Good, Bad & The Queen-esque.

Gorillaz - 'Broken' (demo) (2009)

I wasn't going to post anything today but 1) I really like this and feel I should always shove on here the things I am enjoying and 2) I am looking for reasons not to complete my 2007-8 Tax Return.


  1. Ah this blog synchronicity stuff. I just dug out my Gorillaz this weekend, because they sound bloody good next to Lee Perry who is obviously an influence on Mr Albarn.

  2. Mr A. introduced this as 'for those of you who like lover's rock, electro, Kinks'...!

  3. Yeah, that makes sense. Feel Good Inc for instance is very much a mix of those things, that windmill windmill chorus is so very Ray Davies

  4. I must dig out the good the bad and the queen stuff too; one of my very bestest friends sings in a choir on that album, which is pretty cool really

  5. Please, please, please fill out that tax form.

    We cant have you getting banged away now.....

  6. "HA! You'll have to catch me first copper!" etc.


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