Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

In one of those thrillsome bloggy world coincidences that we all know and love, I see Mondo posted some erzatz psychedelia this morn when I planned to post this but ran out of time.

We were talking here about cassettes (yes, we were)....and twenty years ago a kind soul who I have sadly forgotten lent me a tape of this record (then impossible to find) that I taped on my tape-to-tape deck (oh! object of desire Tottenham Court Road emporium late 80s!).

It was the time of 'Bye Bye Badman' and the Second Summer Of Love (sic), but I think it would have been me lauding Surrealistic Pillow wot won it.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - 'Shifting Sands' (1966)

Generations of indie bands wanted to sound like this!

The WCPAEB'S unlikely story here.


  1. Bloody hell, just looking at the cover art makes me stoned. Will it be safe actually playing the song?

  2. It's all in your mind maaaaan.

  3. I've never heard this before, what a great tune.
    Listening to a bit of late 60's psych stuff myself today i eventually got round to ripping the album
    Check it out, skip the first 10 minutes.http://www.box.net/shared/st6aeiezy4

  4. By Jingo that's just what these ears are in the mood for - we're working on the same vibe, like a Happening

  5. Maybe all bands should be encouraged to adopt descriptive names like this; Crappy Velvet Underground Rip-off Band would give a far better indication of what’s in the grooves than ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’.

    (lights blue touch paper and stands well back...)

  6. Tee Hee! ‘Now, now’ is usually followed by ‘Michael’ to emphasise how serious you are.

    Now what should The Smiths have called their selves..?

  7. I am not rising to this. You are bad karma man.


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