Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Martyn (11th Sep 1948 - 29th Jan 2009)

And may you never lay your head down
Without a hand to hold
May you never make your bed out in the cold.



  1. I was going to post this myself today. But I have it going around my head on replay anyway.

    Man, there's been some losses in music this past year.

  2. I was saying over at Rob's, I've never seen so many of us paying tribute to one artist at the same time - which speaks volumes.

  3. I was on the Word website when the news broke, there's a piece in their blog section, I left a little tribute in there.

    JM is one of those people that was liked by a lot of different people into a lot of different music. And whereas some people would crossover JM did. Legend.

  4. I was fortunate enough to meet him on several occasions due to the fact that he lived in the area and always found him funny and eloquent, even when extremely drunk. A couple of guys I knew used to jam with him at their mate's studio. I have always regretted not making a copy of the tape that the guys let me hear of one of those sessions.

    Never could understand how he was not better known.

  5. I thought I'd find a tribute here. Very sad news.

  6. Many tributes in many places, and quite rightly. Seems as Simon suggests that whether you like your music folky, funky, jazzy, dubby, singer-songwritery or chilled, JM had something for you. I honestly don't think we'll see his like again.

    Damn Drew, that tape'd be a sweet souvenir.

  7. Yes very sad, I was later comer to him, but did luckily get to see him live once..apart from the way he could glide between tough or tender vocals, and musically, soul and folk, jazz or dub, more than anything he is an impossibly genius guitarist - his techniques almost percussive, with the slaps, picks, pulls and mystery tunings - just watch his fingers on the final run down at the close of this clip - incredible...

    I've posted a little something here if you fancy a peep...

  8. ...and very lovely it is too.

    I also came to him late. But those musical love affairs we have when we're older cut pretty deep sometimes...