Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Harbinger Of Spring

We've talked before about how even at the height of summer you can sense autumn in the air, and I think it's also true that even in the depth of winter you can sometimes get a whiff of spring - or in my case, a sniff of spring, since I have been sneezing non-stop for the past hour and am told by a cursory Google that I might attribute this to the pesky birch pollen, the bastard.

We have a very nice silver birch in our small London garden which was about five feet tall when we put it in, but is now about twenty.

At least it is big enough when it is in leaf to block out the sight of the large woman behind with a propensity to stand about naked at her not very well frosted bathroom window, but it does today seem to have set me off with the sniffles.

I am listening to this whilst waiting for the antihistamine to kick in.

Felt - 'Evergreen Dazed' (1981)

Note: 1) A silver birch is not actually an evergreen 2) No-one much blogs about Felt, which is a shame, because they were good.


  1. I don't know why but I can't stop laughing at the thought of a large woman standing around in the nuddy in her bathroom, possibly for hours on end.

    Must be the thought of that episode of Father Ted with the lothario milkman (Pat Mustard) servicing the bored housewives of Craggy Island that's doing it!

  2. It's a beautiful day here in Istanbul, the sun is out but it's not hot, just warm enough to enjoy. there is just enough of a breeze so as to aid inhalation of freshish air.

  3. A certain shade of blue sky in January can make me think spring is coming. Today has that blue to the sky for sure...

  4. Just grey as usual up here.
    Have to confess that I have never really paid that much attention to Felt.

  5. Yes they were good. Lawrence rocks. And Bubblegum Perfume is a lovely pink colour.

  6. Hey! So's my large naked neighbour!

  7. I told you last year I'm not gonna cover that damn window, now get over it and put the looking glass away if you mind that much :-p


  8. Note to self: Do not read about Davy's large naked neighbor whilst scarfing down M&Ms - there's a real danger of having one come back out through the nose.

    That said, I really love Felt and once blogged about "Primitive Painters."


  9. he had a marvelous comb over too did dear lawrence. poorly the little cherub is now though - there's a film about him apparently lawrence of belgravia or something i think. and i think hopes of spring are vanishing in the fog

  10. Hoi you davy....I warned you before about staring at my sister. You better watch out fella....


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