Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Yeah Baby

Older readers will know that I like a pint of Guinness with a slug of champagne in of a New Year's Eve: it is the only time of year I drink this, but it is a tradition, and I stand by it. How fortunate then that the youngest daughter won a bottle of Moët on the tombola at the primary school Christmas Fair in late November, and not the box of rose-scented soaps right next to it. We have been keeping it safe ever since. I will have to get in there quick before Mrs H makes a dent in it, but this is a practice in which I am well-versed.

Some of you will be attending glittering social gatherings tonight, I have no doubt; others will muster in the local boozer. Young Drew is having a rockabilly night. It's a shame he doesn't live next door.

Will you be first footing? Or will someone first foot you? I can't really remember how this works, to be honest, but I know there's something involving lumps of coal.


Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a spectacular collection your whole family will enjoy.

One last time.

I shall require several beverages and a take away curry.

Happy New Year x

The Jacksons - 'Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)' (12") (1978)


  1. Have a winner to all the Hs and readers of the ghosty~blog. I must try that champers and Guinness biz one day..although did some fizz with a drop of armagnac in a couple of days ago..

  2. And lived to tell the tale. Result! HNY Mond x

  3. Never tried your concoction, must give it a go one day. Just back from burfday lunch with the family. Had a pint of Bath Ales Dark Side - a very nice stout, thoroughly recommended.

    We're partying at friends tonight and will be stumbling home at some ungodly hour, tripping over lumps of coal no doubt. At least it's all downhill (much like 2011?).

    Will raise a glass to you and the Hs. Happy New Year.

    (word veri is icatick, which is probably what I will be at stupid o'clock later!)

  4. All the best Mr H.

    For First Footing, you need coal, black bun and a good malt, you are also suppossed to be tall dark and handsome!

    I think that a Black Velvet is a waste of both drinks, now a pint of Guinness and a pint of champagne in seperate glasses now you are talking.

    Is there not laws against minors winning good champagne down south?

  5. I'm with Drew - sounds a bit home counties poncified to me. Only in a primary school tombola in your southern softy manor would Moet be on the table. I fancy the autumn armagnac option, mind.

    Been a beastly week for me, culminating in a trip to A&E today with Mrs Van Dyke (our Doris). She 'went for a burton' on the ice earlier this week. Upshot was 3 sleepless nights, damaged vertebrae and analgesia a-go-go. Our NYE plans have gorn the same way as the rose scented soaps - down the plug 'ole.

    Still, at least the Country is in great shape eh, as we stampede into 2011.

    I love you all!

  6. A Happy New Year to you and Les Girls, young fella


  7. It's normally an Asti Spumante and think yourself lucky: I suspect donations were down this year due to Straitened Times so someone went to the supermarket with PTA cash and bought the shampers.

    Give Doris our love Dickie. Her first slip in years I'm sure.

    Got to get back to DJ'ing for the girlies now - it's a Disco Nite.

    HNY all. Carry on x

  8. PS: Drew - her 'win' had to be authorised, then immediately seized by a parent. Fascists!

  9. A very Happy New Year to you and yours...have a great 2011...

  10. My 7-year old won a bottle of Dawn (a perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker apparently) at his school Christmas Fayre. Mrs M is far too sophisticated for such trash. Have to say I don't fancy your Guiness/moet concoction much either.

    Happy New Year to all whole H clan.

  11. Shurely Sarah Jessica Parker should call her perfume HORSE?

    The drink, done properly, is half-and-half champagne and Guinness. I wouldn't like that, because basically I do not like champagne. So I just pour myself a pint of the black stuff and slug some of Mrs H's fizz in the top, to be hospitable. I know. I'm a good man.

    And thanks and Hello Good Evening And Welcome/HNY Scott.

  12. If she called it HORSE people would confuse it with the Camilla Parker Bowles fragrance.

  13. Fair point. Then they'd have to do that English Beat thing, which is so wrong.

  14. Happy New Year Davy. And to the wife and weans.

    Thanks for brightening up so many dark moments this past 12 months. Always a ray of sunshine is this little corner of blogland.....

  15. Happy new year to the best commenters in blogland.

  16. I echo the not sure about black velvet. I stuck to Bathams. And Crabbies ginger beer. And some port. And a drop of red wine or two. And just a small whisky. The kiddies stayed up till midnight for the first time and I dozed on the settee

  17. Did I mention the 'happy new year' thing? I think I may have missed it.

  18. 32A little late but wishing the H family all the best for 2011 x.

  19. I think Sarah Jessica might have named her perfume for the dishwashing liquid. Anyway, I hope you had fun.

  20. I won a bottle of Pomagne at a school fair once, as a nipper. I'm still not entirely sure what pomagne is, mind.

    Happy Old New Yeah!


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