Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Post Not Containing My Best Records Of 2010

There's nothing worse than a Christmas song after Christmas, is there? Well, there are a few things obviously: famine, disease, serious injury, that sort of thing. But you get my point.

Hawley needs to come off the top.

Instead I would really like to post something from an album I discovered late this year, thanks to Colin, that I *heart* very much, but that's exactly the sort of thing likely to attract the unwanted attention of the copyright police. So let me just say (again) Warpaint - 'The Fool' - top record, if you like Tanya Donelly-esque woozy riffage, slightly opaque lyrics, that sort of thing.

I liked the School Of Seven Bells one too: more than their first, in fact.

And thank you Simon for the Rose Elinor Dougall tip, though I don't at the moment think there's anything else on the album quite as good as this...

I'm afraid I'll have to go now because I have a busy kitten on my desk who has just written rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and then wswswswwwwwssssssss by standing on the keyboard.

See you back here tomorrow for a Last Post of the year.


  1. Wasn't too impressed by Warpaint, I have to say.

    Hope you all had a great time.

    Kittens eh?

  2. Oh yes.

    rrrrrrr - I think he was trying to type a purr.

  3. Thought Undertow was great, the rest of the album less so. That Rose Elinor girl's very attractive isn't she.

  4. What did you call the kittens in the end? Not Durutti and Column I assume.

  5. Charlie & Poppy. Until we found out Poppy was a boy. So Charlie & Bob(by) now.

    Re. R.E.D - Ally will say she needs to sort her hair out. Meanwhile a commenter on YouTube opines fervently - "Disregard the song, I'd fuck that with the force of a thousand suns".

  6. That would be some fuck. Probably mess her hair up too. In an attractive way.

  7. Could any scientists out there give us an indication as to the likely force of a thousand suns? Drop us a line at the usual address.

  8. I just laughed so much I sprayed coffee everywhere.

    The last girlfriend before the wife is the spit of Rose. I did spontaneously combust once.

  9. Is 'spontaneously combust' a euphemism?

  10. "The force of a thousand suns". Don't think there's any chance of me mustering up a millionth of that force, not even for Isabella Rosselini.

    Simon - if the last girlfriend was the spit of RED, the wife must be a belter.

  11. By the way boys and girls, look out on BBC4 for several great looking music programmes in the new year, including Reggae Brittania, and a documentary about Toots and the Maytals. I love BBC4's programmes.

  12. crikey you lot are all a bit frisky for the time of year. it's still all groaning and sore noggins and strange longings forvfruit and vegetables round here. and i hope that someone boight that girl a comb for xmas

  13. I suspect that there could be health and safety issues with that young girl's hair - particularly when operating heavy machinery or the driving of a tractor. Effective peripheral vision can be a life saver. (Captain EJ Smith and crew of the White Star Line would attest to that).

    Share a clementine with me ally.

    And maybe the kitten was after the mouse?


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