Sunday, December 05, 2010

Potato Roasting Music # 3

In our exciting new series we post music that sounds good on a Sunday whilst a person is roasting potatoes.*

This week...

Richard Harris - 'A Tramp Shining' (1968)

[*those are too smooth; you need to fluff them up a bit with a fork after parboiling]


  1. L says a light dusting of semolina before roasting gives them an extra cruchiness.

    What are we having with our potatoes chef?

  2. Roast chicken for Mrs H and the girlies, couple of these for me.

  3. Nice bit of shaking in the pot gives them a lovely crumbly edge.

    Got roasties tomorrow night, giant lasagne today.

  4. Giant lasagne! Nice.

    In Breaking News we have just had a call from The Cat Lady: the KITTENS are ready. With just minutes to go until lunch is served, Mrs H and the girlies have gone to collect.

  5. Coming from someone who has two, Baxter and Spike, brothers, you may regret getting the little blighters.

    Keep the vinyl out of reach as the little bastards take great pleasure in practicing their shredding abilities down the spines of records.

  6. Grew up with cats and dogs. That's why we're never having pets. No matter how many Disney eyes Alfie throws our way.

    The stink, the endless responsibility, the loss of freedom. Parenthood has nothing on owning animals.

  7. Mrs H had two when I first met her - brother and sister. He died way before his time of kidney failure, but she kept on, making the move to London, settling in as part of the family that began. We lost her in the summer, while we were in France. She was 21 - a magnificent age for a bog-standard black & white moggie.

    So, as you can see, having small ones again has been building for some time.

    And now we think we're ready.


    Non-smoking middle aged man, GSOH, WLTM anyone into Richard Harris/Jimmy Webb. Pls don't send photo, +ve feedback = all required. Replies to usual comment box.

  8. destroys me does this tune... i'm off for a comforter just hearing in my noggin. i wish lots of the other stuff wasn't quite so potty sometimes but hey...

    and i can't flipping wait to get somewhere kittenable again. or knackered ld moggy or anyrthing fainltly feline to be honest. love a furry animal round here we do. i'm jealous as all hell.

  9. so jealous my typing's got even rubbisher than usual. sorry

  10. Dear sir,
    Re your ad in the Classified Section of this week's Roasties & Kittens magazine.

    I am a middle-aged man with all the attributes listed. I have had positive feedback ('cept for that dodgy Leeds Utd - The Glory Years(81-86) video on ebay). Although once attractive, I now vehemently agree that no photos should change hands!

    Anyway, as a friend of the stars, I can also claim to have met Richard Harris. When in London, he lived in the Savoy Hotel and used to go in the 'Coal Hole' pub (the Savoy's old coal cellar) on The Strand from time to time. As did I, between shifts in the underground 'War Office' on Whitehall.

    The Limerick 'Hell-raiser' and I shared the same birthday, and twas on one such day in the mid-nineties, I had the honour of buying him a pint of Guinness. (He was allegedly a 'teetotaller' by then. But that's the Irish for you).

    Funnily enough, he used to dress in a long coat to the floor and bright boots. A bit like a Tramp Shining, in actual fact.


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