Friday, December 10, 2010

The Smiling Hour

Yeah baby, back in the metropolis after two days in Devon with the Aged Ps, tapped out after nights of sleep interrupted by their nocturnal loo visits, the central heating on full blast and the like. I will bore you with the details and/or my melancholy thoughts on same another time.

For it is Friday.

And I shall require a beverage.

Jon Hendricks - 'Flat Foot Floogie' (1975)

Thanks to Darce for setting me off on a JH trail in the autumn x


  1. As I said over at mine hope the P's are fine.

    Have a good one Davy.

  2. There are so many musical trails to wander down I sort of lost the JH one. Now you've turned me round and I'm back on it.

  3. I like a multiplicity of trails though.

    And Simon - :O )

  4. I cant do all that ()){~)(.O message type thing. Nor could I write Buckfastleigh or something clever on a calculater turned upside down and, as a result, sob, I feel so small and useless. Devoid of respect and bereft of cryptic cool comradeship.

    Bit warmer down the shed tonight - could be the bottle of bubbling glue wine. Rough as a bear's arse it is. It's left me with a smile like The Joker's and enough acidic bile to fill a tin bath.

  5. You knew how to write BOOBIES though, I bet. Yours 'refined and fastidious', etc

  6. Yup. And LEEDS.
    And I knew that Beverley Pilkington appeared on Top Of The Pops album covers and the Big D peanut cardboard holders which revealed more and more of her as the comestibles were purchased.

  7. This is true wisdom Grasshopper.


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