Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas To All Our Readers

Is this on TV somewhere over Christmas? It should be.

There comes a point, doesn't there, when even if you haven't got 'everything' your capacity for looking for it and/or your capacity to afford it just bloody runs out, and that is how it should be and that is fine.

I told them perishin' kids they'd catch a cold out there in the snow in inappropriate clothing and now we've all got the sniffles; the mother-in-law's due tomorrow and the place is a mess; we're going to be sleeping on that blow-up bed in the back room and I'm not convinced the pump's working neither.

None of this matters in the least, of course.


I can't believe we've almost come to the close of another blogging year. This has remained one of the happiest places in my world, thanks to you, the best commenters and nicest people on (must we call it?) the 'blogosphere'.

So I wish you all you wish yourselves for Christmas - and we're all old enough now to know that it's not about the material things.

Hug the ones you love and who love you forever and celebrate all that you have.

And well, OK, one material thing - always keep a cold one in the fridge x


  1. bless yous mister - my cold ones already warming in my greedy paws but there'll be more raised with old old pals later. do have a gay old time. it really is a pleasure to know you dear

    And don't forget the always hilarious 'it took a big poof to do that' quip while inflating your airbed

  2. The comedic possibilities are endless. Merry Christmas Ally xx

  3. All the best to you and yours Mr H, you've nearly got we welling up again, twice in one day.

  4. Tried to post this comment three times now. ;0)

    Dear Davy.
    May you and yours enjoy the very best of times this Christmas.
    Thank you for your words and sweet music this year


  5. Thanks Mills x

    Drewster, you're going sorft in yer old age: or is it the ale?

  6. Happy Christmas Davy - I have a wee gift for you, of a sort, which I need to sort out in the new year - something to ponder whilst sipping away... x

    (WV - regig - I like that idea)

  7. Merry Chistmas to all the H's.

  8. You. Thanks so much for the open arms return - appreciated more than a large glass of fine red wine, fella. Have a great holiday season. And have several cold ones in the fridge, or elsewhere (OOOOO-ERRRRRR)

  9. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas MrH. This is one of my absolute favorite spots x.

  10. Thank you companeros and backatcha. Greer, that inestimably lovely song at yours has been instantly promoted to my Christmas Top Five x

  11. Happy christmas Davy, love the blog. We're going to end up on an airbed this christmas as well. Must drink enough to make sure I can sleep

  12. It's the only sure solution.

  13. Love those Christmas cartoons Rankin and Bass's Rudolph is one I'm trying to track down..

    Have tip top tear up and happy Christmas to you and the H's Davy..

    Word Veri - backin!?!

  14. Happy Christmas to you Davy and all at the House of H.

    Here's to another year of blogging (oh what's that? I appear to have a glass in my hand - Dark Lord, no less.)

  15. You're the blogging world's favourite uncle: Irrepressible, cheeky, wise, strong, sage, learned, kind, funny, insightful and loving.

    You are such a right old clever trousers, and no mistake.

    (My warm wishes are laced with just the merest drizzle of brandy).

    Love to the special girls in H Towers. x


  17. Davy! Ya always do it! Louis B. Mayer would be proud of you. Thanks for the very kuhl Tom y Jerry & know yer not taken for granted.

  18. Thanks Mikel; I do what I can with the resources available.


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