Friday, December 17, 2010


Then I played this and realised that it too features an (off-kilter, lo-fi) organ.

It's another re-post I'm afraid, but maybe you can more charitably think of it as an emerging tradition, this being my 5th bloggy Christmas and all?

Altogether now -

On our way from Stockholm
It started to snow....

Low - 'Just Like Christmas' (1999)


  1. My mate Marmite's big fan of this and Sufjan Stevens..I'm forced into a re-up next week, hoping to rip my Greedies single and it's disappeared: poss' down the back of the wardrobe along with my collection of from-the-time punk badges. Harumph!

    Have you checked out these two tinsel tunes.... from last year Laura Vayne. Meant to post but never got round to it..

    And this from this year..

    Word veri = wentslis (as in Good King). Amazing!

  2. I remember Marmite picking Low as one of his top albums at your late Long Player site Mond.

    Thanks for those tinsel tune tip-offs.

    These are the only from-the-time badges I've still got...

  3. Ooh very mod..I've got a few but the best were put by for pinning to a board and wallmounting, but gone now. Annoyingly one of them is a super rare Cosh The Driver badge. This was the original name given to 'No One Is Innocent single', but later switched. Very early promo items have the CTD banner. The poster goes £500 + on EIL, although the badge wouldn't be near that, it's still collectable

  4. Oooooh you've gone all modern and mobile version how very now. OMGA! is what i meant to say obviously. and five festives already. blimey where does it all go? i like the traditional yearly posts thing a nice sense of continuity and a bit of belonging. ta ever so for it duckie as ever

  5. And there's me thinking I was just a repetitive old bugger. Bless you my dear and, hey! - be careful out there x

  6. I may make a concession for Christmas tomorrow, if you are very unlucky.

    I like this track

  7. Lovely song- was thinking of posting it myself

  8. Very nice I must say.

    Thanks G X

  9. how come it's only you what's gone all mobiley huh? have you got a secret button?

    Oh lord don't answer that

  10. Mr Blogger said I might like to turn it on, so I turned it on, innit. Oh yeah, it's beta, baby.

  11. What's Ally going on about?

  12. Ah yes, I see. Does look rather nice on my mobile.

    Drew, the page is now set to show up as a page formatted for mobile phones when you view it on a phone.

    Looks nicer on my phone than Wordpress blogs do anyhow.

  13. Thank you Simon, I was just answering that, but you did it better.

  14. My phone, alas (some might say), only does calls

  15. Mobile? Telephone?

    Anyway, you repetitive old bugger, as another rock n roll Christmas descends, as Barry Manilow would attest, 'Looks like we made it'.

    PS - Did you see Lisa?