Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet Little New Thing

Here's a sweet little new thing that last I heard was a contender for Radcliffe & Maconie's record of the week; on sale right now via iTunes and so not the sort of thing I would usually post, but since it's also on a festive CD free with this month's Mojo I figure what the hey.

Hannah Peel has a penchant for re-making 80s synth pop quirky-folk style with a music box. Here for example she rather pluckily takes on the Cocteau Twins 'Sugar Hiccup'... Good luck to her, eh?

I am having to trudge one last time into town today but am thereafter officially on my Christmas hols, all satsumas, Quality Street and the double issue Radio Times.


Hannah Peel & Tunng - 'Hey Santa!' (2010)


  1. Love Tunng. You would too I think.

  2. Yes, I have a few things. I like a bit of quirky alt.folk. In small doses.

  3. Holidays already, both of you. No wonder the country is in the state it is, Christmas Eve for me.

  4. might get let out an hour early xmas eve if i'm good. slackness never sleeps you know...
    do you think i might like tunng? i struggle sometimes with turns with funny spelling but you never know

  5. ps
    the comments doodah on the mobile version eat my waffling

  6. Ah yes, that'll be the 'going on a bit, stick to the point' function (beta). Simon's the Tunng One Ally, have a word with him. He's usually in about now - lounge bar, Hush Puppies, you can't miss him. For me? Small doses, like say.

  7. Ah, choccie digestives and coffee. Did anybody mention me and Tunng? They are a lovely little band. The first 3 albums are excellent, sort of low key psychedelic folk with electronics, sort of like a very quiet moody Super Furry Animals on acoustics. The latest is after their main songwriter (and in my opinion)talent left, but they are still good, but less moody and more upbeat.

    There are plenty of bits on Youtube that are worth checking.

    But the word quirky is probably the most fitting.

  8. He'll bring a brace of pheasants too, if you ask nicely.

  9. Heres some peasants I found outside Ghost Towers earlier. They're a bit pongy but theyll work hard for a bite of dinner.

  10. "We've Gone On Holiday By Mistake"

    Darn it, I'm going to have to watch 'Withnail' now.


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