Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is This Any Good?

New Coldplay single from forthcoming Brian Eno-produced album blah given away free as download blah blah mention Radiohead blah traditional business model overturned blah blah Arctic Monkeys blah MySpace blah.

Well hey, they were giving away Johnson's Smooth Orange Juice at Waterloo Station this morning too.

I reckon this sounds like a Roger Waters-dominated/late-era Pink Floyd record for the most part - except for the last forty seconds where it sounds like, erm, Coldplay.

Sorry, didn't go for the orange juice, so can't offer an opinion on that.

Coldplay - 'Violet Hill' (2008)


  1. Thanks for sticking this on Davy.

    First time I've heard it. Nice title - but not as good as 'Primrose Hill' which London Lee introduced me to.

    ColdPlay do what they say on the tin. I play them and am usually left cold. This one however, has more clout in the testicle department. The vocal reminds me greatly of a (justifiably) grumpy Ray Davies on the Working Man's Cafe album.

    I suppose if you possess a squillion pounds in the bank, giving things away is a more straightforward proposition?

    Still, they've ne'er done me any harm and no doubt they love their mums. And I guess they are old enough to do this lumpy thumpy reflective reminiscing stuff now.

    The last few seconds grate like fingernails down a blackboard, but hey, it's not James Blunt or the 385th cool rappy 'r n b' noise of the week -'featuring DJ SmegHead' and some bird with a big arse.

  2. Thumbs...down. Sorry DVD...awful...

  3. It does lack vim, doesn't it?

    Posting the DJ Smeghead Friday DVD.

  4. Eno can do no wrong for me - so I'm blaming Coldplay for it being so stodgy.

    Is it a grower I'm not sure? But does remind me of Slade in places
    'Coz I Luv You' and 'My Friend Stan' etc...

    What do they care anyway - they all made the popsters rich list apart from Chris Martin (unless I missed him)I'm dreading the video though

    I do have a couple of belting booty remixes of Coldplay - no wait they really are quite good..

  5. This song makes me want to smnoke crack.

  6. Which presumably is not a good thing?

  7. Adam...that was a Beck B-side wasn't it?
    What with torrents, Soulseek and hey, mp3 blogs too, the question of what is free and what is not is one I'd rather not get into.
    Interesting marketing ploy, though.


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