Monday, November 03, 2008

Back To The World

That's half term over then - for the most part a lazy week of lie-ins on mornings so dark not even the cat wanted to get up, some early Nov 5th fireworks last night. The girls learned to play Monopoly, but the eldest will never make a hard-hearted capitalist because when her sister was on the verge of bankruptcy she wanted to waive her debts and give her a hug. Bless.

Now it's back to the world, etc.

Speaking of which...

Curtis Mayfield - 'Back To Living Again' (1997)

I just read about the circumstances in which this album was made. Sheesh.


  1. He was a legend way before the accident but to go on churning out classics was some achievement.

  2. oh curtis curtis curtis. he's where it all starts and ends up this way

  3. Lovely blog. I kneal to St.Curtis.

  4. Thank you CC - nice of you to pop in.


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