Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Swing Friday

Instructions for use:

1. Download track
2. Pour drink (large)
3. Set volume (loud)
4. Play track
5. Commence weekend

The Buddy Rich Big Band - 'The Beat Goes On' (1967)

[Vocal - Cathy Rich, aged 12]


  1. As the streetlights are now on here, have just followed instructions to the letter and by Jove you're right, the weekend has started.
    Ching Ching

  2. You are the absolute apex Davy old boy.

  3. Just preparing the house (hide breakables, raffia mats on the floor etc) for our son's 18th birthday party). Then round to some friends house - they have kindly invited us around so we don't have to walk the streets. A lot of drink will be consumed by all tonight methinks.

    osholoat! (word verification - and probably about all we will be able to utter later tonight)

  4. Just heard that Estelle Bennett has died, Starting to feel like Mathew Bannister.

    Darcy, have a good one. Can just about remember 18th parties, those were the days.

  5. I can too: but I'll spare you the stories until after, Darce (doublecheck your tumble dryer tomorrow morning, is all I'm saying).

    Proost!, as ever Dickie.

    But sad news Drewster : (

  6. damn straight brother - been touching up northern paintwork all day with a lager never too far away - just opened the red stuff in preperation for a quality ikea trip headache.

  7. Smoking! Thank for the drop!

  8. Davy, you have improved this weekend, and many more besides, with this track. I salute your good taste.

  9. oh the sarong is on and I'm swingin'

    ta muchly

  10. Thank you darlings, I love you all!

  11. is it just me...but dont he look like Nick Cave on this sleeve??


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