Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Music Tuesday (yes, again!)

Charlie Nieland writes from New York City....

'Hi Davy, we really enjoy The Ghost of Electricity and we also think you will like our new CD Blue.'

Well Charlie, you're right - I do. Very much. And I hope you and Nance won't mind if I share the rather lovely title track with the good people out there, on condition that I point them at your website and suggest that they may like to investigate further?


Her Vanished Grace - 'Blue' (2009)


  1. Well, I quite liked that one too...

    WV: dagger (really!)

  2. Thank you. I really like this...and a lovely lovely blog too.

  3. That was rather good, will need to investigate further. Thanks Davy

  4. They are genuine, unhyped and deserving of our love I think.

    Bienvenido MG!


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