Friday, February 27, 2009

Yeah Baby

This track's so hot I had to wear oven gloves just to post it; so slip me another cold one and come shake your tail over here sugar.

Richard "Groove" Holmes - 'Grooving With Mr G' (1971)


  1. And that yellow! Looks like it comes from the heart of the sun, or a daffodil or other really yellow things. Yellowness personified.

  2. That's a killer - I've got in a Blue Note comp I think.

    PS watch your mailbox I'll send you a link to red hot new tune on a similar theme shortly...

  3. But it's not a cornish pasty is it?

    Sorry having a carry on food afternoon in the office.

    There was the story of the girl who reminded me of a cornish pasty; a slightly hairy cornish pasty.

    Plus my workmate's experience with a young lady of the rather more posh variety 'caviar, the taste of posh'

    Sorry. We're a bit cabin fevered around here today...

  4. Excellent choice Mr H.

    Too early to break the seal on the bottle of gin yet, I fear.

  5. He's only just about alive today, to be honest...

  6. Good to see him even twitch though, frankly. And sorry Drew, I'm all ahead of myself today - but forty minutes later is forty minutes nearer shurely? I shall need a stiffener soon given that Mr Simon's off colour remarks...

  7. Feeling slightly jaded this morning, were we?

  8. Au contraire - tip-top, mustard keen and full of the joys of spring I could hold off posting The G no longer.


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