Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Music Tuesday (no, really!)

This has been described by a proper trendy mp3 blog as 'a reverbed-out San Francisco sad-pop project', which either will or will not endear you to it.

heard it during another of my Radox With Radcliffe & Maconie moments, and have to say I rather like it (especially the spacey hammy Hammond).

They are/he is on the same as label as Beach House, who a whole bunch of us who are too cloth-eared/unhip/fat/old/lazy to discover new music for ourselves undoubtedly heard courtesy of Colin's wonderful 2008 round-up CD/zip.


Papercuts - 'Dictator's Lament' (2009)

Papercuts' MySpace.


  1. First Dutch indie poppets or muppets or whatever, now this ... it's awfully hip over here, and I'm getting intimidated!

    P.S. I'd never heard Sweet Georgie Fame somehow and am now in love. Thank you.

  2. Dutch indie Muppets - now there's an enticing prospect...

    Good to have given you new Blossom, dearie x