Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Only Springtime

Breathless, breathless and I've still all the shopping to fit in for Mrs H's birthday on Thursday, but we'll be seeing Feb out and March in this week and there are always daffs on the day as a sign of spring.

Saint Etienne - 'Spring' (1991)

*sigh* What on earth do I get the woman who has everything?


  1. Does the lady in question get enough pampering? It's my experience that there can never be enough pampering. Never.

    Or diamonds. Just as well I can't afford diamonds. Pampering then.

    Meanwhile, did you ever hear the original tune the Etiennes used for the sample for this? I did post it once last year; it's worth a listen if you've not heard it. Let us know and I'll arrange it for you. wink wink say no more.

  2. Ah yes, I heard it and gnabbed it at yours dear boy, and rather lovely it was too.

    I am leaning towards pampering, I have to say.

  3. Meanwhile, the Etiennes are doing a gig, London May 16th Bloomsbury Theatre I believe, where they are performing Foxbase Alpha in it's entirety, plus another set of 'greatest hits'. May 16th might just be too close to a possible arrival for me and mine but somebody should go!

  4. Bloomsbury Ballroom, not theatre.

    And just now, all your posts disappeared too. (music from the X-Files plays in the background...)

  5. I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation Mulderrrr.

  6. The perfect gift Davy
    ebay Item number: 110354770267. The lyrics say it all.

  7. i bought daffs of the lovely berwick street flower stall today and gee but it cheered me no end. and i left the top button of my cardie unbuttoned too. well done spring!

    pampering's a tricky one though. i find it all desperately embarrassing and hard to get right. it's my one's soon too and my brain is mush


  9. BooksVideosCDsChocolates. Some kind of (dare I say it) multimedia selection box. Bit of pampering too, maybe

  10. Just shower her in kisses Davy.

    Don't stop til she begs you to.

    The laughter and saliva and snot and hair and skin is such a rare treat for the woman with every conceivable material trinket.

    It shows you love her, you quite enjoy it too .. and it saves you a few bob.

    Send me some of the money you'll save and I'll donate it to the beer fridge.

    Much love. DVD xxxxxxxxxx slurp, giggle etc

  11. DVD, you are a gift to womankind dear boy, you really are.

  12. For some reason Saint Etienne have always seemed to signify the change from winter to spring. Maybe it's because I change from slightly Haircut 100 winter woolies to my favourite synthetic fibre shirts. If it's not Spring or Avenue playing, it's not that brisk cold, bright sunlight kind of day.

  13. Amen and Whistle Down The Wind, it's Blue Hat For A Blue Day Marc, oh yes.


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