Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hit The North

I'm a bit excited about this.

I bought this legendary cassette in Piccadilly Records, Piccadilly Gardens on a trip to Manchester in 1988, but it has gone the wonky-murky way of so many old tapes. I had a go at uploading it a while back and it sounded dreadful.

But this week, thanks to a kindly Morrissey forum contributor's* upload from the very limited edition (1,000 copies) vinyl edition of the comp I did not until now even know existed, I finally have a clean-copy; it's like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen for twenty years and finding you get on again sparkily from the very first beer.

Some nerdnotes for the keen:

1. The tape was a joint venture of bop cassettes and Manchester's City Limits magazine.

2. It was compiled by the Manchester music writer Sarah Champion in autumn 1988.

3. It's a snapshot of the Manchester indie music scene of the time (post-Smiths, pre-'Madchester'); and like most snapshots, it contains some good bits.....and some not so good you might 'crop'. None of the songs had been released before, and some acts were unsigned.

I find I like most of it now as much as I did 21 years ago, but then I'm a daft old sap sometimes.

Side One

1. The Man From Delmonte - 'Australia Fair'
2. Inspiral Carpets - 'Joe'
3. Pepplekade 14 - 'Uptown'
4. New Morning - 'Working For The Payroll'
5. The Waltones- 'Smile'
6. Jean Go Solo - 'In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine'
7. Penny Priest - 'Sometimes'

Side Two

1. James - 'Sky Is Falling'
2. Bradford - 'Lust Roulette'
3. The Railway Children - 'Sunflower Room'
4. Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
5. Milltown Brothers - 'Janice Is Gone'
6. Raintree County - 'Nice Time At The Disco'
7. Dub Sex - 'Instead Of Flowers (Dub Mix)'

*'Dave 2006' we thank you.

[If you fancy any of the tracks I haven't uploaded, just shout. The Raintree County's a cracker and the Dub Sex one's terrible, by the way].


  1. Bradford? Weren't they the crop haired bunch that Morrisey raved about for a bit? I seem to remember liking them....

    Blimey: word verification: MOROSI

  2. the dub sex-one is terrible? why? dub sex were actually pretty good in a post new wave kind of way, though it does seem questionable whether a dub version is needed...

  3. Well bv, I don't know why it's terrible, I mean, you'll have to ask them that....but, look, it's your first comment, you've just popped in, bless you, so in celebration, fill your's here.

    Bradford Simon? Yes - 'Skin Storm', 'In Liverpool', singer Ian H, suedeheadery....not, I reckon all these years later, half as good as made out: but these were dark times for Mr Indie, in so many ways...

    That word verif is the spookiest yet.

  4. skin storm, that was the track.

    morosi works on so many levels. It's almost worth starting a new blog just to use it as the title!

  5. Dammit Smoni you're right - let's register it now!

    bv, I've taken your input seriously and have just re-listened to the Dub Sex track; and, OK yes, I can see the whole dark, Peel Sessionesque appeal I suppose: but when it comes down to it, it just makes me think of a pissed up old tramp growling nonsense at me over 'gated' drums...

    If there is Dub Sex out there I should hear, I'm up for it mind, for I am an Adventurer my lad!

    btw I'm intrigued as to which of these tracks will be downloaded most - so far it's James (no surprise) and The Railway Children.

  6. as i've probably rambled before the inspiral carpets played in the dingy cellar i used to punish the wayward youth of great portland street in and great fun was had by all laughing at the little ginger drummer who had to back inmanchester and up in time for his paper round. bless.
    how many times have i told this tale now? i'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

    oh and before i forget ...MORRISSEY FORUM ????

  7. Ah. Yes. Actually, I just Googled 'Manchester North Of England cassette' and that's where I ended up. Honest.

    Do you think the ginger drummer's back on his paper round now?

  8. This blog was the first place I ever heard that Man From Delmonte track, if memory serves. It's a corker too.

    Tonight oi 'ave mostly been downloading the tracks by: The Railway Children, The Milltown Brothers and Raintree County (while giving Dub Sex a miss. I just don't think I'm ready for that one yet).

    Cheers matey!

  9. ok, the question was whether you thought it was terrible cos you don't like what dub sex did or whether you don't like how what they did was represented there... whatever. "instead of flowers" is not one of their most memorable tracks, but i still love "swerve" and "time of life" after 20+ years. thanks for making this available... saved me the trouble of going to my sit down 12" and doing the digital thing on "sky is falling"...

  10. I remember that horrible basement at Great Portland St. Last band I saw there, jesus, it was The Primitives in 1988. They did a really bad version of I Wanna Be Your Dog.

    Oh I'm loving the word verification tonight. OOLDSTA

  11. and while we're at it those bloody rotten railway children were supposed to play the opening night and never bloody turned up the buggers.

  12. My God! I have this on vinyl...


  13. !!! One of a thousand!!! Keep it safe and lovely Mart, keep it safe and lovely x

  14. And the download chart twelve days later pans out as follows:

    1. Raintree County
    2. James/The Waltones
    3. The Railway Children
    4. Milltown Brothers

    Nice choices amigos!

  15. I really like the music of Dub Sex, I recently spent a lot of money te get almost all their songs on CD... I would really love to hear that dub version of 'Instead Of Flowers', which is ever since I got the 7" of 'The Underneath', my most favourite track... although the Peel Sessions of 'Swerve' is not bad either. So if anyone could help me out with this rare dub version...
    (the Netherlands)

  16. Hey there Koen - I've re-upped the track for you here.

  17. As a fellow Picadilly Records frequenter I've a copy of this favorite old tape and would love to download it - the link is now invalid - great blog onwards & upwards Steveyjam

  18. Steveyj, I've uploaded a Zip of the whole tape here; it's missing track 1, side 1 = The Man From Delmonte's 'Australia Fair' which is here. Enjoy!

  19. what a bloody star - fantastic! cheers Steveyjam


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