Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ta Dah!

It's Mrs H's birthday. And this is one of her all time tip-top favourite tunes, which only recently did the daughters cease to believe was an elaborate musical tribute to our current Prime Minister ('Gordon Brown, texture like sun'). Under interrogation I had to confess it actually was not.

(Er, no, I haven't told them it's about 'drugs' yet).

We're off out to lunch later, so be advised I may return the worse for drink.

The Stranglers - 'Golden Brown' (1982)

(PS: Thanks for the present suggestions: she's going for some pampering here; just like Joan did).


  1. Happy Birthday to Mrs H, have a great day both of you.

  2. Happy birthday to the mrs. Was the 'ta dah' what you said when you jumped out of the wardrobe wearing only a ribbon. Oh no, that's my house..sorry.

    Have a good day!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mrs Ghosty. The Stranglers - and particularly JJB, were always one of Mrs PM's faves - she had JJ's solo album 'Euroman Cometh' n'everything.

    We went to see them last year, and despite her reservations,being a purist (or should it be Hughrist), was totally bowled over by The Strang's as are

  4. Many happy returns, Mrs H!

    P.S. You mean Golden Brown's not actually about dog shit then?

  5. Happy Birthday to Mrs H. Hope you both have (or had) a great day.

  6. Has he smothered you in a 1000kisses yet Mrs H?

    It was his cheapskate idea to save money, but he bottled it when I told him to send you to that place with a swing over the pool.

    "Mrs H ... she's gorgeous"


  7. happy birthday Mrs.H

    hope you and the mister waltzed away into the night!

    I'm such a sucker for the old 3/4.

    JJB and co are playing here in Oz in a week or two ... myself and mr.K are determined to wedge ourselves down the front and eyeball JJB ... the sexy beast.

    *be smooched*

  8. An ever so slightly belated Happy Birthday to the mrs. - only just got back from snowy Munich.

    Top band The Stranglers. I didn't know Jose Mourinho used to be in the band! (Hugh does look like him in that photo doesn't he?).

  9. Thank you boys. I would have responded yesterday but I was full of fizz xx


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