Friday, February 20, 2009

Yeah Baby

Like the man said, tempus do fugit don't it sweetcakes, and here we are at Friday already already. So fix me my potion and hit me with your Kraut groove daddy-o, not dancing in this joint's for squares.

Paul Nero - 'This Is Soul' (1968)


  1. Shake your skinny legs - not you personally Davy. Can't work out if that's Linda Thorson/Lily Savage or both on the cover

  2. Horribly on target there PM. Bags Linda.

  3. I think someones got you mixed up with Mick.

    Meanwhile: grand track for a Friday. I may just be having a little drinky this evening; although I'm not sure if it's celebration time or oh look we're absolutely fucked time yet.

    Time will tell.

    Second meanwhile: what? No Jenny Agutter?

  4. We're not absolutely fucked yet Simon, however finding it hard to keep up the positivity.

    Looks as though i better hang onto my Saab as it will soon be a collector's item.

    Tune Davy. G&T late this Friday as work has gotten in the way.

    Cause for celebration as I managed to get tickets to see Frightened Rabbit's matinee show on 31st of March. So Frightened Rabbit at 3 pm and Airborne Toxic Event 8pm, now only need to get the day off work.

    Ching Ching people.

  5. Smiley face - drawn in my freshly poured Guinness - to all of you.


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