Monday, February 09, 2009

Blue Monday

Today's Oblique Strategies card - Just Carry On.

The Durutti Column -'Favourite Descending Intervals' (1983)


  1. Ah bless. Keep taking the tablets.

    Meanwhile, completely at odds with the mood of reflection that you've built, word verification is 'RIDBOTIM'.

    Perhaps Eno should include google blog's word verification as a path to creativity.

  2. Your blog clock seems to be holding tight to midnight. Is this a sign? (*Insert obligatory Withnail and I quotation*)

    This Monday is a nice monday (Green Monday? Red Monday? Shining Monday?) because it's the film quiz tonight which means I can hang around and go and see a film (and I've just noticed that 'The Lady Vanishes' is on at half three,that'll do) and then have a nice drink or few and something to eat, and then do really badly in the impossible quiz and get home far too late but in a good way.

  3. Of course that could be midday. Read what you want into my reading.

    (word verification is 'florpers'. I'll get my coat)

  4. I heart quizzes. Me and Mrs H used to do a pub one every Tuesday, and it was a blast. However my starter for ten tonight will be a mushroom risotto and the University Challenge semi-final.


  5. Been quite a good Monday as far as Mondays go however is about to get a whole lot worse, as need to do food shopping as we couldn't be arsed all weekend.

    I made wild mushroom and chicken risotto on Saturday, double plus good it was as well.

  6. I'm just about to start cooking squash and kale risotto. It's rice night in blog land!

  7. Good Monday so far. Bad Tuesday awaits.

    Always great to hear a bit of Vini.

  8. Reilly and risotto, we got it nailed.

  9. Told Drew about going to see The Durutti Column for the first time in Bury a couple of weeks ago - it truly was amazing and Bruce is just such a brilliant drummer!
    As a second comment Davy and Drew - wild mushroom risotto sounding pretty good and we won our pub quiz last Sunday too!
    Really enjoying everyone's blogs right now, though maybe some more effort needs putting into job applications....