Monday, October 05, 2009

Echoes In A Shallow Bay

Dark in the mornings now, isn't it? And it's a drizzly-greasy one today, a slow drip drip drip.

Here's a perfect thing.

From Elizabeth via Robert Wyatt out of, somewhat incredibly, Chic.

Elizabeth Fraser - 'At Last I Am Free' (2003)

[From this]


  1. It's like Goldfrapp meet Zero 7 - have you tried GF's Seventh Tree perfect for autumn..

  2. It's Mrs M's birthday today - she'll love this..

    Got her this and this amongst the birthday bits

  3. It's gonna be a foldaroh-aye-ay kinda day there then, eh Mond? Many Happy Returns to Mrs M.

    Yes, I love the Goldfrapp record.

  4. With all the wind during the weekend there are leaves all over the place up here. Nearly posted Autumn Leaves this morning but that would have been as obvious as posting SLF when going to Belfast.

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs M bye the way

  6. Well I'd have let you off Drew.

    Happy birthday Mrs M.
    Libra eh - like me.
    Well balanced ... chip on each shoulder!

    Hangover still, er, hanging over.
    Green round the gills and fractious of bowel.

    Early night and .. hey, into tomorrow!

    Word veri - crestst. (May rid me of the rabid badger breath).

  7. Never knowingly unobvious round here.

    Hush, hush whisper who dares,
    Dickie Van Dyke is saying his prayers

  8. Nice conkers Davy.

    Oh, and what's all this about spiders not crossing the threshold if your conkers are thrust upon them?*

    * I may have been hallucinating with BBC News 24 at 0330 hrs when this non-story streamed into my subconsciousness. Arachnoids with conkerphobia!?

    And do you know why they're called 'horse chestnuts'? No, well I'll tell thee. The observation was that eating conkers cured horses of wind complaints.

    Strewth, I need to cut down.

  9. Maybe i should have waited but after DVDs blessing i decided to post it anyway.

    Oh well at least I thought better of posting Ian McCulloch's version of September Song last month.

  10. Er...actually I quite like the sound of that.


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