Friday, October 09, 2009


Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent libr-oh, you know the rest.

This baby has a bass line that can only be described as FAT and Melba funks around it like a good 'un: you best turn it up and tell your neighbours it's Friday.

Melba Moore - 'Standing Right Here' (extended version) (1977)

[Still recording]


  1. Perfect Friday night record, old chap. Do I get a bonus point for noticing you've given us a song from this CD before (Ramp if i recall) or should I get out more? This is better.

    There won't be a post over at my place today. I had a great tune planned but I've had a shitty day and can't find the right words.

  2. Just put the music up! Go on go on go on.

    Yes, well spotted - I have twice plundered this. Buy it! It's a cracker!!

  3. Excellent Davy, I do like a bit of Melba Moore.

    Of to the wilds of Ardnamurchan for a few days, it's half term up here next week and then off to Berlin with work for second half of the week.

    Have a good weekend folks.

    A bit of this will see you right Mick.

  4. Thank you, Drew. Much appreciated. I haven't got any Gene Chandler and this is excellent.

    I could buy that CD or I could download it in stages from this blog.

    PS I've just got up after a lie down and just noticed the Peach and Melba connection. It's not a good idea to blog when your brain's running that slow.

  5. Michael, put the music up. We need your web presence of a Friday night.

  6. PS: Ardnamurchan: a place you can't pronounce (if you are a sad southern jessie).

  7. it's alright my 6 yr old has trouble with it as well

  8. It sounds like 77, but sounds like 82 too. Reminds me a bit of AWB Work To Do

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