Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Life With Pears

Cooked this tonight for Mrs H - last time we made it, it was for friends that have long since gone ( Merseyside, not the Great Beyond) ; first time, it was when we had the Aged Ps up to London from Devon on the event of the first birthday of the first daughter and my Mum said 'Well, I can't believe Dave cooked something like that" which she meant, and I took, as a compliment.

Tonight, perhaps because I am off to Strange Parts for a night later this week and perhaps because me and Mrs H spent our wedding anniversary this year driving north on the autoroute from SW France and eating in service stations and perhaps because, damn it, it was a dull Monday on a darkening week at a darkening time of year, I cooked it again.

This time though, of course, I had the girls helping, but had to explain that 1) whilst Delia has good cooking ideas she is 2) a bit over-fussy, and there's no need to follow her to the letter, you know....Improvise around a stated theme, maaaan - it's a jazz thing, baby.

Anyway, it was nice.

Though our bastard dishwasher has broken and there's a hell of a lot of washing up for tomorrow.

Quincy Jones - 'Something's Cookin' (1969)

From the 'Italian Job' OST, and, I think, Art Decade, originally....thank you New York!

Painting by Jos Van Riswick.OK. I'll shut up about cooking for a bit now.


  1. I think I may try that Mr H. Talking of food I had raw pork mince in Berlin with no after effects, actually rather good.

    Not a good idea to leave dishes to the next day, a real bad way to start the day, tak it from me.

  2. Raw? Pork? MINCE?

    And you expect me to worry about washing up?!

  3. "sumbop" is word verification. Which is quite a good word for this post.

    My sister and me used to eat raw sausages when we were kids. We turned out alright. Admittedly they were cheap sausages back then, probably more cereal than meat....

  4. I had a lovely peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich tonight. Beat that!

    Word verifivation: hamsi. (which is at least 60% appropriate)

  5. Verifivation. I've just invented a new word. I'll get back to you on the definition.

  6. I'm definitely trying that, she had me at 'smooth fromage frais'. It's leftover chicken tonight though (roasted not raw).

  7. It was the 'smooth fromage frais' I messed up on actually - in a moment of French-named dairy product confusion I bought crème fraîche instead. It seemed to work OK though.

    Kips, you really should have something more substantial of an evening dear boy; your mother and I are worried sick.

  8. What a tune delightful - and look at you getting all Graham Kerr . I'm a whizz with the Brevills sandwich toaster (bought in 198somethingorother)whisk a raw egg with salt, pepper and tomato sauce (or anything else you fancy)then spill onto the bread and close lid until sizzling..

    Another one (not toasty) cooked in a proper pan, is chop bacon into small pieces and fry in loads of tomato sauce (ideally the Tiptree type) and black pepper. Great with very fresh bread.

    PS I used to eat raw bacon fat - loved it!

    Word Veri = reamet. There's got be an anagram in that.

  9. Fuck me. Am I in the right place?

    I was worried for Drew, until Simon rightly reminded us of raw sausages. Suck and squeeze the meat through the tight skin. (Hey this erotic writing is a piece of piss).

    Oh 'Dave', I too find that fromage frais/creme fraiche oversight such a frightful bore. It's sooo easily done, across a busy deli counter with all those giant german sausages dangling down.

    Kips can't play out tonight as he's got his homework and Panini Sticker Book to sort out.

    Haddock n chips, mushy peas, and 2 pints of John Smiths satisfied my soul on a damp night oop north.

  10. i've never had a go on a dishwasher but then i like washing up. a peaceful ritual. usually the day after.

  11. It's like Mrs H, she 'loves' ironing. How lucky is that? (for me, I mean)?

  12. PS: She has to have an old black and white film on whilst doing it, for optimum results.

  13. You made that? I feel like everyone else in the world is in cooking graduate school and I am failing freshman year.

    So impressed.

  14. Dane, it's like someone once said to me when I asked them if they could cook 'No, but I can read a recipe' x


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