Friday, October 09, 2009

King Richard

Some of you might be wondering how Hawley was last night and the answer is quite, quite superb - tighter and slicker and more serious than when I last saw him, his voice still astonishing and his guitar-playing exemplary. The songs from Truelove's Gutter were razor-sharp live and this one, of course, made me cry (maybe I will drink a little less).

"I wrote it for The Mrs. I were dead pleased with it and played it to her. I said 'What do you think of that then?' She said 'Yeah, it's all right is that. Now what do you want for your tea? Shall we have a Chinese?' "

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  1. That is mightily lovely, Dave. Only wish I'd been there with you.


  2. Ah Mart, that would've been groovy.

    I was drinking Guinness with an occasional JD chaser x

  3. And I'd have gone to the bar for you both.

  4. Bless you Dickie. Tickets still available for Sheffield on Dec 5th...

  5. how I love this album... perfect 4am listening (not only then, but you know). I'm glad you got to go see him x

  6. He was bloody marvellous G, and he'd be thrilled skinny to know he's got a 4am fan in CA, I am sure x

  7. hot damn but it's an lp ain't it. no messing about. a proper start to finish flip straight over lp. i don't normally go for them epic tracks but hell he's allowed. it's just grand to see an lp with eight songs on. no extras. proper.


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