Friday, October 16, 2009

House Work

This Friday, in a change from our usual programme, we go all post-punk funk agitprop with some people from Leeds, one of whom's called Hugh.

If you are unfamiliar with this and expect dour avant-gardeism you may be pleasantly surprised by its sprightly pace and funky bass'n' drum.

Lefties can dance! It's like the 80s were about to happen!

Gang Of Four - 'It's Her Factory' (1979)


  1. I’ve nearly posted this in the past because I have a mildly interesting story from when I went to see this lot back in 1980 (I think). The support act was Scritti Politti – worst band I’ve ever seen. Let’s just say they got better. (That’s not the interesting story by the way.)

    The band swapped places for ‘It’s Her Factory’ and as far as I recall the guitarist played drums, the drummer sang and the singer played melodica. (That’s not the interesting story either).

    I don’t know if you are aware but this was the b-side of ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’. I borrowed the LP and went to see the band on the strength of those songs and all the rave reviews and they were OK but to this day I’ve never really got why they are so highly regarded.

    PS Nice pic of Mrs H

  2. She'll be starting on my shirts when she's done with that.

  3. I a manifesto/melodica mashup

  4. what a wonderful start to weeks of catching up. i shall stamp about the place a bit then listen to the news quiz ( radical )

  5. I love the Gang Of Four. I've been listening to a lot of Jamie T's stuff and tucked away on the b-side to one of the singles he's had out this year is a track that sounds like he's been listening to Gang Of Four, The Slits and Adam & The Ants. I can't remember which one off the top of my head but I'll try and dig it out. C'est good non?

  6. Ah yes - Leeds circa 79. I left.

    (I think the bin men were on strike then too).


    Anyway. Y'know Davy, old lad, ...
    I got to thinking today. One simply never knows what's coming next with your wonderful 3 year (and a bit) old blog.

    Sometimes, as I close my weary, soft-wrinkled eyes, it reminds me of the old days and the draw for the 3rd Round of the FA Cup ....

    A gnarled, slightly trembly (sic) liver-spotted hand slowly reaches into a plush purple velvet bag. Who will he pull out next? Will it be a Man Utd, or will it be a Blyth Spartans? Somehow, the fluttering anticipation carries a warming familiar hope. (Akin to a whisky and ginger after an autumnal walk in the hills).

    No 47.. The Fall.. Will play .. 'It's Her Factory'. Oooh!
    This song will played over the weekend of 16th/17th of October.

    And that concludes my comment.

    Love to the family. And your lovely Comments crew. x

    Dickie x

  7. Umm the 'ts keys must've been gunked up

  8. It wouldn't happen in't Yorkshire. T' ts are important, as t' Dickie knows.

  9. Seems this lot were still quite stunning when they reformed and played some live shows a few weeks back....well according to my good mate Jacqes the Kipper that is.


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