Friday, October 02, 2009

Yeah Baby

Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent library your whole family will enjoy.

This week - La Ross! Enfin!

Diana Ross - 'Love Hangover' (12") (1976)


  1. What a great picture. I love Diana Ross.

  2. M's first school disco tonight, excitement is at fever pitch in our household at the moment.I don't suppose there will be any of Ms Ross's hits played, I may be wrong.

    M asked me if they would play the Fall (true, I have created a monster) told him that sadly no and to get used to the dj not playing what you want. He was philosophical about it saying at least there would be a tuck shop.

    Have a good weekend, people.

  3. I think small boys at school discos mostly bomb across the dancefloor on their knees and jumpers whilst small girls look on disdainfully.

    Your fatherly advice is sagacious. When I was a student we went to London's trendy Wag Club and spent all night asking the DJ to play The Smiths. To no avail. Obviously.

    That's top mascara from La Ross, I must say.

  4. Ah what a tune. I'm also rather fond of the Associates version.

    Maybe it's an age thing, but I find Ms Ross to be one of my favourite soul vocalists now. It used to be the bigger voices, the Aretha types. But there's a subtleness about Diana that is just so appealing now. Especially when the typical X-Factor 'soul' singer tends towards the BIG voice.

  5. I used to blame Thatcher for everything, however these days I seem to blame that c--t Cowell for everything.

    The Wag Club Mr H, they came up to Glasgow in April 1988 and held a club night in a warehouse in the east end, some of the most pretentious pricks I've ever met, surely you weren't like that.

  6. Oh no, it was the apotheosis of all we despised. I'm not sure how we ended up there, but we hated it so much that we considered requesting The Smiths and The Cure all night a political act. The DJ got quite shirty, which of course just made us worse.

    Keep GLC Working For London!

  7. I love the 7/12 inch takes and even the 'drunken aunty' wobblings of Billy McKenzie's version.

    Have you checked out her Touch Me In The Morning album what a treat

  8. Oh, how I'm enjoying the B&W images. Perfect, Mr. H.

    (The track ain't half bad either...!)

  9. Simon's right. The x-factor idea of soul is someone who can shout power ballads. I too blame Mariah Carey..and celine Dion..and Simon C***el...and Thatcher. F---ing hated her on Countdown and her mother was even worse! Seriously, I would take Diana over Aretha any day. BTW It's only 7:15 and i'm already pissed.

  10. I wish I was Mick, need to stay sober and pick the young one up.

    Always preferred Gladys Knight to either Franklin or Ross.

  11. Crikey, is this an infant disco or an all-nighter?

    Michael, I'm always outside of at least a bottle by 7:15 of a Friday, if it's any consolation.

  12. Aye, David, but I've got work tomorrow morning. Drew, if it's any consolation my boys have a School Disco later this month.
    BTW I've just been up to my local co-op for more beer and the 'lifestyle' magazines reminded me who I really blame for averything - fucking Peter An**E and Jor**n.

  13. It was Mishus Micksh idea. She said we could have one more can each but of course it's far more economical to buy four.

    Can I borrow your lovely Diana Ross pic if I feel up to doing a bonus post?

  14. Thank you Jon btw and enjoy that record fair companero.

  15. Mick's turning into the new DVD, strangely absent on a Friday Night.

    School disco finished at 8:30 and by the looks on the faces of those helping out not a moment too soon. don't know about allowing him to go back, he sang You Spin Me Right Round all the way home.

    As for P A and the slapper formerly known as Jordan, they're more to be pitied than scorned after all if it wasn't for that twat Moyles and the great radio 1 audience he would still be in obscurity - all comes back to that witch Hilda Roberts and her ism.

  16. It’s funny the things that irritate you but for all Hilda Roberts many sins the TV clip that always pissed me off was when BA put ‘works of art’ on their tail fins in place of the union jack and she put a plastic bag over a model plane with the new design when she was on some sort of official visit. It seemed like such a stupid thing to get upset about when you’re destroying the country.

  17. You asked for The Smiths in The Wag Club?

    Bloody students.

  18. Yeah baby indeed! You sure got the mirror balls in mr.K's pants spinning with this one, luv!

    Now ... if only they'd stop!

    Ta Ra!

  19. Lee - I know!

    Glad to hear it Shirl - hope there's no long term damage.

  20. Well, I've got the shittiest hangover.

    However, may I just croak ... I love you all.

    Big semi-final - Leeds Rhinos v Catalans (from Perpignon) last night. Much frivoloty and anglo french catalonia banter all round. (And we're back at the Grand Final again next week).

    12 cans of cider for £6 - its not big nor clever ... just jolly good value.

    Like leeds Rhinos, Diana Ross led the field in her division for ages. And did anyone see Gladys Knight sing 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' on Jools Holland this week? A-Z Factors (incl X) all covered in 4 minutes flat. Blinding (like the cider).

    School disco. Will have to come back on that one. Deep deep scars.

    Gotta go and yodel down the crapper.

    Plink, plink, fizz.

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