Friday, October 30, 2009

Virgin Peely

Our occasional series of bloody good things builds into a random collection your whole family will enjoy.

This week, a whole hour of music and chat with your Uncle John, as recorded for in-store entertainment at Mr Branson's record shops 30 years ago this month.

This will certainly help your Friday poison-of-choice slip down and if you play it really loud tomorrow night you might even be able to drown out the incessant door knocking of those pesky trick or treating kids.

John Peel - Virgin In-Store Show, October 16th 1979 (part 1)
John Peel - Virgin In-Store Show, October 16th 1979 (part 2)

In memoriam
JP (five years!) and with thanks to the Peel Wiki and our very own Turkish Adam wot started it up, the treasure.

Track listings in comments. You'd have definitely walked out with the new Specials LP...


  1. Part 1
    The Specials - Stupid Marriage
    Killing Joke - Turn To Red
    Sneak Preview - Slug Weird Capital Letters - Unemployed
    Home Service - Wake Up
    Girl - My Number
    Cabaret Voltaire - Kirlian Photograph

    Part 2
    The Specials - Dawning Of A New Era
    The Freshmen - You’ve Never Heard Anything Like It
    Pink Military - Spellbound
    Jackie Lee - Do The Duck
    Killing Joke - Are You Receiving?
    Phil Rambow - The Sound & The Fury
    Secret Affair - Let Your Heart Dance
    The Specials - Too Much Too Young

  2. The Cabaret Voltaire'll put the wind up the little blighters especially.

  3. cor what a treat - I don't think I'll be able to wait for tomorrow night. It'll go grand with a nice bit of step scrubbing in the morning.


  4. Scrub away scrub away scrub away the Dusty's are gonna love the Jackie Lee track espesh x

  5. Wow! will savour this over the weekend (a slow recovery from tonight's excesses is anticipated).

  6. Family H - thank God you're safe.

    Did you see Lisa?

  7. Don't start that again.

    I may not be all that bright but I know how to hold you tight.

    And you were spot on with your journey advice.

    DARCY'S NIGHT OF EXCESS pages 3, 5, 4-9.

  8. Happy now you're back in the smoke Mr H?

    Just dropped M off at the Halloween disco those PTA types deserve a medal or maybe they just neck a couple of valium before they go, that's probably why they're all so bloody cheery.

    M's birthday tomorrow, taking him and 9 other asbos in waiting bowling, can't wait! I may have to play them the Peel download in the car

    I can't wait 'til tomorrow night when I will open the litre of Export strength 47% proof Tanquary I purchased in Berlin and have a large half.

    Here's to the weekend

  9. "Take the tweenies bowling, take them bowling".

    Friday night school discos again? Have these people no mercy??

  10. Just back last song Amarillo, how dare they inflict that kind of thing on my son, it's child abuse!

  11. Well, hello Friday've just found a soundtrack.

  12. Do The Duck is the nugget I'm busting for. Got to be an odds on winner..

    Where's The Native Hipsters - Oh Look There Goes Concorde Again though, or was this too early.

    Kirlian Photograph, you can blame Bowie for that title he was on mad buzz for around the Thin White Duke era

  13. I hope your son was doing the Peter Kay walking to camera thing Drew? Tests prove early exposure to Tony Christie augurs good blogging in later years.

    Hmm, snappy tagline there Jon....*thinks devilish thoughts*...

    Aye! 1980 Mond!

  14. Love you man!. I was still a Police-head in '79, although my mum had a ban on Ska if memory serves me correctly (I was only 6).

    Diamond post, but what's new there!

  15. 'pesky trick or treating kids.'

    I disapprove of these creeping Americanisms round these parts.

    'Anything For Halloween' has long been the call round our way. And alwys posed as a demand and not a question.....


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