Monday, October 26, 2009

Half Term

There will be a short break whilst 1) we (again!) drive to Devon and back in a single day to wish my Aged Father a happy birthday, and 2) I generally gather my autumn thoughts (with motorway sandwiches).

Quentin Crisp - 'Stop The Music For A Minute' (1982)


  1. Surely it would be more prudent to gather autumn leaves at this time of year? Still, thoughts need clearing up too sometimes I s'pose, so carry on.

    word verification: psyclat. (what's new psyclat?)

  2. Well, I'd surely not heard that one before. Safe journey.

  3. Avoid the cones, speed guns and Costa lotta coffee.

    Play word association .. football.

    Add fairy liquid to the windscreen washer bottle - whilst pretending you're checking out the engine.

    Bore the kids with tales of how difficult it was in the 70s.

    Buy far too many sweets and keep bits of pastie out of the bottle of pop as you pass it 'round.

    Dont be suprised as you fill your car up at a new record cost - with not an Esso World Cup coin in sight.

    Don't fall out with each other. You're in a small tin box for hours on end. Wadda you expect?

    Be safe n happy


  4. Gracias companeros.

    Bought father a pint. Is what matters x


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