Friday, November 06, 2009

Back To Bass Licks

Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent collection your whole family will enjoy.

This week, the extraordinary bass playing of Mr Bernard Edwards (R.I.P).

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, hot damn.

Chic - 'Everybody Dance' (12") (1977)


  1. Yowsa, yowsa, yowsa! I had this on K-Tel's Disco Stars ..

    So lovely to get the full fat version at last.

  2. I do like a K-Tel comp.

    'Dropped' this myself last weekend.

  3. Thank you Davy, good start to the weekend.


  4. It was always at this point that some twat like me would go up to the DJ and say,
    "Have you got In The City by The Jam?"

    Tonight, I have mostly been drinking .. Guinness Red.

  5. Dickie, what's Guinness red?

  6. Well Davy, Guinness Red is made with the same raw ingredients as regular Guinness Draught but uses lightly roasted barley (as opposed to fully roasted) to give a lighter different taste and colour. The usual bitterness of Guinness Draught has also been reduced by removing some of the hops from the brewing process. (Apparently).

    Takes the same time to pull and costs bout the same.

    It’s not one to please the traditionalist, beardy Arran-sweatered real-ale lovers, or anyone who thinks Guinness is already too commercial and not Stouty enough, but to the average beer-swiller who’s looking for an alternative to a rather minging pint of Carlsberg, it’s pretty darn good. I can slam 3 down between trains.

    Available in O'Neils pubs, amongst others.

    Well worth a try.


  7. Er...that was Drew vat was arksin' you da question, man.

  8. Me thinks he has had 2 too many, Davy. As a lover of the black stuff, I will need to give it a try, can't say I've ever seen it up here tho.

    Top tip, never drink the Guinness in Malmaison in Birmingham, it is shite.


    The instrumental breaks in this record are sublime, don't you think?

  10. Sorry, Drew Davy Derek Delroy.

    Birmingham Malmaison eh. You do suprise me. Souless too eh?

    What's the most you've ever paid for a pint?

  11. Lager? £4.75, London, England, this summer.

  12. Edinburgh - 6 quid, a pint of Peroni, condescending Aussie bar stard when I ordered the pint said "sir you realise it's six pounds a pint" what do you do? foolishly I smiled and said that's okay, should have told the smug git where to shove it. It wasn't even that good.

    As for the Malmaison - company pays, it's one of the few perks left

  13. Along with still being employed i should add

  14. UK: £6 for a bottle of poncey Czech blonde wheat beer in some pretentious bar in Leeds where freshly goateed mature students talked marxism at the Poli-Sci Paris to hermaphrodites in rainbow dungarees and comfortable shoes.

    I did get it in a nice fat glass. Which I kept. Obviously.

    Abroad: £8 for Guinness - some er 'Irish' bar in Singapore.

  15. Never got the chance to keep the Peroni glass as Antipodean git was hovering as I downed the last dregs of pint, I think that he had an idea I might try and nick the glass.

  16. he's dead ? that's terrible. i didn't know. i hope the disco's of the world stopped their mirror balls turning for a minute or two

  17. I paid £20 for a pint of lager in Norway once. Lager is excessively expensive there, but spirits are not. Guess what most people drink...and guess what problem they had an excess of up there in those long dark winter nights?

    Meanwhile, what a tune. I love it.

  18. He's 13 years gone, unlucky for us.

    Still, enjoyed a Samuel Smiths Bitter for just £1.90 in town today; et pour La Norvege, nul points.


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