Monday, November 02, 2009

Bonjour Finesse

I am grateful to my good friend Dr Al for bringing these ladies to my attention on a mix CD he pressed upon me in early summer; I rather like this, and it will surely serve us well as a Monday (and new month) heartstarter.

Au Revoir Simone - 'Shadows' (2009)


  1. I think I first heard this over at Gabbi's Felinofelice blog. It's a peach, like OMD meets The Coors. (I don't particularly like either of those component comparisons, but as a combo it works). Perhaps an electro Baccara would be better (although not if you're Au Revoir Simone)

    And love the vintage kit and disco glitter glam

  2. i can't keep up with all this newness i think it's bringing on one of my turns

  3. The other half bought me an album by Au Revoir Simone a couple of years ago, the title of which escapes me now, after I'd been banging on about how much I loved their track Stars; unfortunately the rest of the album turned out to be a bit pants.

    Shadows sounds like another winner, mind.

  4. The video for Stars (or at least a video for Stars. I doubt it's the official one somehow!)

  5. I'm so caught up in the idea of there actually being an electro Baccara I'm finding it hard to focus.

  6. I'm having to sit down, because my work firewall isn't blocking my way to the comments. For months now I've not been able to comment during the day, only when I get home!!

    Nice little track too...

  7. Well done on tunnelling through Simon, you must have been dropping soil from your trousers for weeks. As it were.

  8. The tunnel is still sound.

    Yup there's a trail of dirt between London and Wiltshire. It's got a great big First Great Western logo on the side...


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