Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah Baby

Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent collection your whole family will enjoy.

This week - a solid gold classic in rarely-heard twelve inch form.

From that stash of vinyl we've been discussing.

It's big and it's bassy and the breakdown's to die for.

Jocelyn Brown - 'Somebody Else's Guy' (12") (1984)


  1. That is brilliant, that goes without saying, but my god it sounds like white socks and loafers, farah trousers and flick haircuts.

  2. I am splashing on the Blue Stratos as we speak.

  3. Will you stop rubbing it in Mr H. Another excellent choice, however no good will come of relieving that poor deluded man out of his collection.

    The weekend is here and the Tanqueray is calling.

    Cheers all.

  4. Kingfisher lager while waiting for the Indian takeaway. Rather nice after watching the switching on of the Crimbo lights in this titchy West Country town. :)

    Back home now playing an old cheapy (£5) compilation called 80s Dance, including the 7" version of Some Other Guy, some Luther, some Loose Ends and I Found Love!!

    I might post some this weekend. We shall see

  5. Consider Motorhead at The Leeds Academy. Gluwein at the German Market. Train journey. Fat-bottomed girl. Uber Chinky. San Miguel. Change into expandable trousers. 'Henrygate' on Radio 5 Live. Browse the great blogs. Eschew Children (and celebrities) In Need. Fall asleep with a neat Asbach and ice.

  6. Good choice. I've got this too but it's pressed slightly off centre which is particularly annoying at the start. It's the same with an Alicia Myers 12-inch from the same era called 'You Get The Best From Me'. Have you heard that? If you say no I might be persuaded to post it this weekend.

  7. Now you see if they had Jocelyn Brown on Children In Need instead of the likes of JLS and Peter Sodding Andre I might actually be able to watch it for longer than 12 seconds without losing the will to live.

    Can't believe I actually know who JLS are. Bloody saturation media coverage!

  8. They'd have her dancing with Fiona Bruce and backed by the BBC Big Band. It'd still be rubbidge.

    Give generously though, innit.

  9. Feckin Children In Need, it's even worse up here, it just shows how third rate BBC Scotland is. It really is embarrassing, we had Paulo Nuttini or what ever the fuck he is called and some people from Taggart, all we need now is some bagpipes and a shortbread baking contest, christ!

    M made me watch as it had been hyped up at school was never gladder when he fell asleep and I could watch a bit more of the wire and ponder tomorrow's post, still don't have a clue but the gin is going down well so it will probably be pish.

  10. The good thing about Children in Need night is that it's the perfect reason to spend all night on tinternet finding great music to listen to (e.g. look up Pointer Sisters "Don't It Drive You Crazy" - sort of apt - on You Tube, or Kiki Dee over at the Chip Shop).

    Mrs Darce likes CID though (holds head in hands and gently shakes it from side to side).

  11. er that should have read CIN

  12. Mrs D and the CID? 'Ello 'ello.


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