Friday, November 13, 2009

Wo Wo Wo, It's Magic

Shoot me down in flames but I most wickedly and indulgently took a lunchtime-afternoon off on Monday to meet my old funk-buddy Wayne 'up West' for pints and a pub tuna-melt & chips.

There was much quaffing and blethering on about nonsense.

At one point Wayne asked me if I'd heard a certain song by Bobby Womack, and when I said I hadn't, he played it for me down his iPod. We agreed it was a smoker, the acoustic guitar (Bobby's) high up in the mix a special delight, and I said 'I've gotta find that, it'd make a tip-top Friday post'.

Just an hour or so later as we flicked through the racks at Revival Records in Berwick St, looking for nothing in particular, we found a 'near mint' copy of the original album with the song on for just £2.


The great and beneficent gods of vinyl be praised, it was another of those moments when you know they are smiling down upon you.

How could I not buy it? It had been waiting there for me. And it turns out to have lots of lovely things on it, mostly ballads, with Mister Mack in fine vocal form.

So I get to post what I wanted...

Bobby Womack - 'When The Weekend Comes' (1986)

and a bonus for your late nites too...

Bobby Womack - 'I Can't Stay Mad' (1986)

Both songs - Bobby Womack/Harold Payne.

Yeah baby and Amen.


  1. Godlike genius. Pretty good name for an album, too.

  2. Magic moments, can't beat them.

  3. Didn't that used to be Sister Ray records, or was that further down near the market. How about Shades heavy metal record shop - St Annes Court I believe, did you ever visit? I did too often.

  4. Yes, Sister Ray's further down Mond.

    Shades heavy metal record shop? Er, no. Though I did once get asked to The Black Horse bikers pub in Paignton by the rockers I worked with in the commercial laundry; I was the only person in there wearing suede shoes, put it that way. They were nice chaps though, those metallists.

    Glad you're digging the Womagic Adams.

  5. Ooh it's like a Public Information Service round ere.

    Any road, tonight, as part of Wetherspoons Beer Festival, I went for a couple of liveners. The pump that caught my eye had a picture of Chrissie Hynde on it. The ale was called "Brass In Pocket" from Hereford's Spinning Dog Brewery.

    So I took brass from pocket and enjoyed my pre-Smithers-Jones commute beer. (I assume 'brass' is a term for money in other parts of the UK?)

    Not quite sure why the ale is named after The Pretenders song. Perhaps it's due to almost being the 30th anniversary of it's release at the dog-end of the 1970s?

    If you had a brewery and had to name a beer, what would it be?

  6. Thanks for asking.

    Davy's Shallow - 3.5% ABV - a quiet pint

    Davy's Deep - 4.5% ABV - a hoppy session bitter

    Davy's Lost It - 6.8% ABV - for nutters only.

    Word verif - ambyntr = one of my speciality beers for the North Wales market.


    Make mine a Womack!

  7. what a fabulous sounding day. i probably passed you on the way to get bananas.


  8. I thought of getting some spring onions myself, but they looked past their best...

  9. Oh lovely stuff. It's kind of funny Womack is sort of up there with the greats and not. He's a great songwriter, and a fantastic singer, and a decent guitar player too. But he's never quite up there with the Mayfields and Gayes of the world. I love him.

  10. Me too, and I couldn't agree more - in the spirit of Ally's Little Anthony post, we should celebrate him while he's still around.

  11. Well, the songs are really great. I love to hear about that too. It's not just a magic, but it is awesome. Regards, Ali


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