Monday, November 16, 2009


*sigh* Evidently I have been 'tagged' by the Drewster.

I don't usually approve of this sort of thing, but he's a companero and it would seem churlish not to comply.

The rules of the game are

1 To post a song that makes you happy
2 To tag as many people as you want
3 To say one thing about the blog(s) that you tag that will make them smile.

I tag Mick because it was his birthday yesterday, I like him 'Simpsonized' and this might encourage him to post twice in the same month.

The world's a brighter place in my beautiful balloon.

The 5th Dimension - 'Up, Up And Away' (1967)


  1. Please don't anyone do this to me again.

  2. I don't do these sort of things either but would not want to endure the wrath of chocolategirl64 as the female of the species who like a bit of d&b in my experience are not to be trifled with.

    Excellent track as I knew it would be.

  3. Heheh. Bless your curmudgeonly little socks, Mr H.

  4. Have you checked out 5D's version of Ticket To Ride or Puppet Man? Belters both

  5. Very much a decent tag Davy, don't blame you for doing it at all! I also like the song. Such a happy one, fit the photo of choice perfectly.

    Wishing you a great one!

    PS. Couldn't have been a buzzard!! Too elegant... :^)

  6. Lost in translation Gabbi - I've just found out that what we call a buzzard is what you call a 'hawk' - so we're both right. Hurrah!

    *sigh* I must get out more.

  7. A perfect choice, and one I don't even have to download - I share your opinion, so I already have it. :)

  8. Someone tag me, I need to play myself a happy song.


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