Monday, November 23, 2009

King Me

As if I needed another PC-based distraction, I seem to have developed an addiction to internet checkers (or draughts, as we used to call them).

I'm playing it late at night and early in the morning, with a cup of tea at lunchtime and whenever I should be doing something 'important' but am bored.

It's not as if I've played the physical version obsessively over the years - there's been the occasional sortie on holiday with the girls or Mrs H, and my grandad used to visit slaughter upon me with it when I was a kid (lawdy didn't that generation know their board games, their cards, their billiards?). But this infernal computery versh has got me hooked.

It's taught me a few things about myself, mind you, viz -

- I can't think very far ahead (hence rubbish at chess)
- I'm impatient when things aren't moving quickly - so act in haste and make mistakes
- I'm not very good at taking risks
- I play defensively
- I can play well when the chips are down

I've tried to work on all this, and have started to win more.

Yesterday I finished a game with a satisfying flourish by taking the last three of my opponent's pieces on the board (all kings) in a single move.

Because I bided my time.

It all reminds me of those lessons the Master used to give Grasshopper in Kung Fu.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - 'Everybody's Jumpin' (1959)

If you're running one of the older versions of Windows, the pesky game is lurking in your Start menu right now waiting to lure you - be warned!


  1. I used to spend absolute hours on solitaire, but I can't deal with games like chess and the like against computers. The opponent is either too good or simply dumb, there's no inbetween!!!

  2. I've just lost three games in a row, so perhaps I should keep my big mouth shut.

    Another tunnel through the firewall Simon? Tom, Dick or Harry?

  3. Nah, some well earned holiday. I was planning on doing some posting this week, seeing as I have the time, but now my fileshare thingy is playing up!!! Look out for some youtube things later....

  4. Have you tried Backgammon? If not don't - you'll be lost forever! It's the middle ground between draughts and chess.

    Love the tune, the soft-shuffling drums and twinkly piano - it's the soundtrack to some Pathe film opening with shots of a bustling Piccadilly circus, or Sunday morning walk around Green Park and Speakers Corner way..

  5. Backgammon's for big boys! I'm a board game wuss!

  6. I love this song and the album. My dad used to play it all the time

  7. i had a go at sonic the hedgehog once. is it like that ?

    and do you do any work ?

  8. Not if I can possibly help it, no x

    Hello Tim! Love & respect to your Old Man. My mate Mart's Dad had it too; we'd sneak it into our Friday bedroom sessions between The Kinks and Kent and The Jam; it's how I first heard it.

  9. PS: I have never played Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario or that thing with cars and girls in with the loud 'rap' music. I quite liked Pacman (when it was in pubs, like).

  10. was it scary learning things about yourself ? i'd be terrified. and have just been put off draughts forever. (though the very word takes me right back to my gran's sitting room. 'macaroon' does too.)

  11. Like the man said, I ain't much but I'm all I got.

    I could do with a macaroon.

  12. At you have the dignity of your addicting game being checkers. Mine is one of those horrid games on Facebook. No, I won't name it.

    Thanks for the Brubeck, sir!

    Sorry ... not enough coffee.

  13. But how do you get it on a Mac?... Oh yes! Gave up on the laptop. Or rather it gave up on me.

    Why oh why did I not get one of these years ago? It is the most beautiful thing I own (surpassing the iPod Nano, another Apple invention - a theme is emerging). And it works. Exactly how you would expect something like this to work.

    Ditch your Windows comrades; you have only your viruses to lose.



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