Thursday, November 05, 2009

Goodbye To All That

- hotdogs & soup, wrapping up in scarves and gloves, standing by the bonfire with my friends, going 'Oooh!' and 'Aaah!' and writing my name with sparklers in the air.

Don't miss - teenage boys chucking bangers in the streets frightening cats, old ladies, little kids and me; horrible injuries caused by fireworks in the hands of the incompetent, small or malicious; the roots of the festival in the worst kind of anti-Catholicism and the nasty prejudices it perpetuated.

XTC - 'Sacrificial Bonfire' (1986)


  1. Thanks for reminding me, will need to go and get sparklers for M.

    Our local bonfire and fireworks display is on Sat.

    3 posts in 4 days, no real work to do Mr H?

  2. oh alright. i don't miss that stuff neither really. apart from the hanging drawing and quatering anyone who disagrees with me anyway.

    you enjoy yourselves now

  3. And the heads on poles! Don't forget the heads on poles!

  4. Would like to do that to Alan Johnson.


  6. Whatever happened to 'penny for the guy'?

    My mum always warned me off of it - with a tale (possibly an urban myth) of a young'un who had dressed up as the guy, but been done some sort of awful injury from a passer by.

    Nice to hear some XTC on the ghostosphere

  7. Not mob rule but a benign dictatorship with me in charge

  8. Ah yes, the favourite time of the year for cats and dogs.

    Word verification word: medead. Hmmmm.

  9. Just got back from the local display they do for the old dears at the home for retired thespians (most famous resident: the bloke out of Robin's Nest). We plebs have to stand on the pavement outside the gates.

    Thing I miss: baked potatoes that have been cooked wrapped in foil in the bonfire and then eaten held with a bus ticket.

    Thing I don't miss: enemy gangs discovering your bonfire on 4th November and setting fire to it.

  10. Is it just me, or is that download just like OMD?

    Drew - As the flames grow higher ... the weak get crushed as the strong grow stronger.

    Besides, I thought we were an autonomous collective?

    Dint realize Bonfire Night was an anti-Cafflik thing Davy? The Jesuit Priests never filled me in on that one all those years ago. Bastards.

    Just had a jacket spud in the shed. Does that count, Artog?

  11. Sorry Dickie, did you download earlier? Should be OK now.

  12. Got it our kid. (Sacrificial media fire).

    Oh and by the way Davy ... 'Harry Brown' is a must see at a cinema near you from next week. Strongest starkest bleakest gut-punching film I've seen for years. Michael Caine playing the septagenarian man he woulda been, perhaps? Had he not escaped East End London all those decades ago. It's his strongest part for donkey's years.

    I don't reckon it will come across well in Hollywood, with undoubted mutterings of a grey Gran Torino or a cockney Deathwish, but who gives a fuck?

    Anyway, I aint no film buff, but I think it's a recommendation you should pursue. It's graphic and uncomfortable viewing, with a great performance from yer man ... and others.

    It may divide viewers in its portrayal of a Heygate overrun by feral druggies and assorted scrotes, but I think it is thought-provoking and well worth watching.

  13. S'funny Dickie - I saw a poster for it on the tube last night and thought 'Hmm...that'd be one to see'...Top tip companero, ta.

    Is it the old Irish one-armed washer-upper Tog? Who was also O'Reilly the builder in Fawlty Towers?

    Our cat's deaf now Major (and very old) - bliss for her on Nov 5th...

    PS: PM - It's the 6th XTC track in the ghostosphere. Quite rightly.


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