Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Garden

If you came to my garden right now you'd see a shambolic layer of soggy, fallen leaves on what passes for the lawn and a couple of old bicycles rusting in the rain.

Minnie's sounds better.

Minnie Riperton - 'Come To My Garden' (1970)

[Stepney if you've heard this one before]


  1. oooh i tried doing this earlier but it seems to've got all lost and now i've forgotten what i put. something along the lines of missing a garden something rotten and this being one of my all time favourite lps of all time. only a lot wittier and cleverclogsy

  2. You planted the seed in a comment you left a while back and watered it with your Rotary Connection. So to speak x

  3. It's autumn and your garden is supposed to look like that.

  4. I've got to enter 'bumrat' to get this comment published, which is nice.


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