Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrated Summer

I kind of like Hüsker Dü without having much of their stuff - Candy Apple Grey, a few downloads and, if they count, a tape of a dark Bob Mould solo album and that splendid Sugar single.

I don't have any Red House Painters either, but this Mark Kozelek cover, which came to me in 2008 from a terrific, zeitgeisty zip from a much-missed Weegie blogger with a fringe*, has been on heavy rotation in my house and in my head this past week.

The Dü's Mould is famously one of those guys who has both a natural gift for melody and a contrasting penchant for thrashy noise - when the two come together well, as they do here, it is quite something; Kozelek meanwhile strips out the second thing so we can luxuriate fully in the glory of the first, and hey, that's appreciated too.

Hüsker Dü - 'Celebrated Summer' (1985)

Mark Kozelek - 'Celebrated Summer' (2008)

* thanks Colin


  1. I love the wafty one - which is the original? I'm confused.

    I always got Hüsker Dü mixed up with the Screaming Blue Messiahs, in the same way I get Barclay James Harvest and The Moody Blues confused.

  2. Mond, I suspeck the original is the one made in 1985, not the one made in 2008: have you been at the cooking sherry again?

    Barclay James Harvest! Inexplicably huge amongst my French pen-friend's mates (amis), circa 1979.

  3. Inexplicably? BJH are responsible for some beautiful orchestral/symphonic rock (as are the Moodies). I will supply some links to prove this when I am sober.

  4. 'Mark Kozelek cover' phrase ambiguity realisation, sorry Mond.

  5. Ive a Husker Du post waiting in the wings for when I have a working computer. i love them.

    Meanwhile Im writing this on my wifes phone!

  6. BTW Just listened to these. The Hüsker Dü song is shit, the Mark Kozelek song is pretty good.

  7. He calls it as he sees it, you've got to give him that.

  8. Husker Du were ace. Don't listen to them that much anymore, but what a great noise.

  9. No probs - I may have to borrow the acoustic tune for an autumn mix later this year.

    Ps I also experience confusement between Elbow and The Doves..

  10. Oops! I was semi drunk when I wrote that so it came out a bit blunt (and yes I did realise they were the same song). Haven't heard much Hüsker Dü but haven't liked anything I've heard.

  11. It's like me mother says, 'we can't all like the same things'.

  12. you are very welcome davy! (yes, i still mooch about these interweb parts, sometimes).

    new sun kil moon album just out, btw.

    enjoy what is left of the summer :)


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