Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Own Wey

And in complete contrast...

I walked the River Wey Navigations in deepest Surrey today - well, the stretch between Pyrford and Send and back, at least. A literal quiet stretch of stream to match the figurative one I've hit after a time of whiter water - canal boats and ancient locks, reedbeds, willows, wild meadow, a kestrel hovering overhead; buzzin' flies.

Four hours walking in green - it's good for the soul.

Not even the barking Surrey golfers through the trees could spoil my mood.

I wouldn't want them as my neighbours mind.

(London, That's The Place For Me, etc).

Paul Weller* - 'Country' (1993)

* Local boy made good.


  1. That looks lovely - did you fill out your Butterfly Survey? Top marks if you got any Brimstones.

  2. Er, I think I might have stepped on one of those.

  3. Good job you weren't time travelling.

  4. Would this be 'Wey' as in Weybridge - where Lennon and Bongo had their Fab pads?

    Word Veri = fishen

  5. A while since I've come visting round here.

    I had forgotten just how magificent it all is.

    Proof, if any were needed, that just a few cleverly crafted sentences, combined with gorgeous images and the most appropriate tunes is the way to do it.

    Memo to self. Stop rambling incoherently in your own house. You can get locked up by concerned friends and relatives.

  6. Yes Mond, if you fancy a day as a Nowhere Man you can walk the whole stretch from Weybridge to Godalming (21 miles).

    And JC, you are too kind.

  7. Lovely walk, lovely photos. I envy you!

  8. Thanks both.

    Anyone who wants to see truly lovely photos should head over to Dane's!!

  9. Oh my goodness, if I weren't neglecting my friends all summer I'd have seen your kind words before now. And you say that at a time when I'm barely updating. You are too kind.


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