Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Reggae # 16

We're off to an end-of-school-year parents' social tonight, which is really not my sort of thing; I would much rather be at home getting myself outside of a bottle of vino with Mrs H whilst the girlies play out front and groovy sounds emanate from my gramophone.

Oh. I've just read on the 'confirmation email' that facilities at the venue exist to plug iPods into speakers, so maybe that'll keep me amused for the evening.

Perhaps it'll be like those 6th Form parties where you were forever taking off some fool's rubbish records to put your Tamla Motown on.

It'll end in tears.

Judy Mowatt - 'Emergency Call' (1974)

(I HEART this track!).


  1. The Liquidator usually gets 'em skanking too. Will you have to Dymo your pod (just in case)..

  2. ...good point there Mond: security is everyone's concern, as Dickie is always reminding us.

  3. Bloody love that album!

    Nice new smartfone, posting from train is now possible!

  4. I've been smartphoning since lasts Saturday too. Tuesdays blogpost was made entirely on my BB (apart from the tune rips) have you downloaded Opera mini - great mobile browser

  5. 'Dymo your pod'.
    Does that entail popping your name on the back with dymotape; thus enabling a good citizen to return it to it's rightful owner if lost or misplaced?

    Prudent measure Mond. We could all learn from it.

  6. Thanks Dickie for your continued helpful advice in this area.

    Sorry to hear about your smartphones boys, but I hope you get over it soon.

    I have returned safe from formentioned schools outing. Got some Sinatra in; left it to competitive Dads into 'rave' to fight it out.

  7. "Dads into rave"? Were you at the right Parents' Night dear boy? Sensible chap tho - best leave 'em to it. I trust you refrained from any sort of pointless interaction, save the Francis. Bet they sneered, the blaggards.

    The trojan is going down especially well during these balmy evenings, btw. Keep it up!

  8. I hid in the bushes until Mrs H (who was, strangely, driving) came to collect me.


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