Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short Term

A bit of an emotional day for us today: the girlies break up for the summer hols and the eldest leaves her (lovely) primary school for good.


It's a cliché but true: it seems like only yesterday we first walked her through the gates, a late August birthday girl just 4 years old, the youngest in the class, the youngest in the school; a photo of her standing in front of the house in her bright new uniform.

Today she'll come home (considerably taller) with a hundred farewell signatures scribbled in biro on her shirt and a trace of a tear in her eye, though trying not to show it.

As Big School looms...

Black Box Recorder - 'The School Song' (2003)


  1. Strange days. Our 11 year old boy leaves Yr 6 on Tuesday to go up to big school (special needs primary to special needs secondary). Tears all round at the leavers assembly tomorrow afternoon I reckon.

  2. I'm a very late August birthday boy and I remember what "youngest in the class" feels like. It's a pisser when everyone in your class is 13 and you're still only 12.

    Kids, eh? They break your heart with joy.

  3. M wants to go to the big school instead of P3, as his big cousin is going after the holidsys.

    Lee - "They break your heart with joy", ain't that the truth!

  4. They break it with pain as well in our experience


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