Friday, July 23, 2010




  1. Going to a workmate's leaving do tonight but fear I will either come home really skint which is not an option or incredibly sober as it is in one of the most expensive pubs in Edinburgh.

    It is also the better half's birthday on Sunday, so have to be fit to drive to Glasgow tomorrow to get a present and then out for dinner.

    I really hate having more than one thing on of a weekend, no time to do bugger all.

    Anyway cheers and here's to the five quid pints later on.

  2. Drew, you have my empathy; I also 1) hate weekends loaded with stuff and no chance to just be and 2) lah-dee-dah pubs/bars. Last night whilst the eldest was enjoying her leaver's party and we were off-shift with the helping I bought a round at one near here - three pints of lager, a rosé wine for Mrs H and an apple juice for my littlest = £18! FFS!!!!

    Happy Birthday to yer Mrs for Sunday x

  3. Nothing worse than a weekend without time to relax. Enjoy you guys!

  4. You too Smoni - me, I got nuthin' planned and that's the way, aha aha, I like it, aha aha.

  5. I hate "doing" on the weekends too, I "do" enough during the week. I'm not sure women understand this concept.

    The wife: "What are we doing this weekend?"

    Me: "Nothing"

  6. I hate "doing" at the best of times. I'll tell you what winds me up (since you didn't ask): that Lucozade Energy advert with the slogan: "Do more". Thanks - I'll do less if it's all the same with you, GlaxoSo-CalledSmithKline.

  7. I got the feckin dates mixed up, thought payday was the missus' birthday. I think I've got away with it though, she never reads the comments here, no offence intended, I think Mr H.

    BTW - A shop in Byres Road has a great line in Mr Benn birthday cards, L was really impressed, her exact words were "great, a Mr Benn birthday card, that's nearly as romantic as the Ferengi one from a few years ago".

  8. You know how to treat a lady.


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