Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Making Sense

Continuing a sort of series of seasonal songs with a track you hear once and feel you've known all your life - another one that's been buzzing about my head lately like a housefly trapped inside on a hot summer's day.

With thanks to Drew, who first introduced us (*cough* nothing original to see here, move along).

The Airborne Toxic Event - 'The Girls In Their Summer Dresses' (2006)


  1. I wanted to post this on the Sundays page - but you know what a f****** technophobe I am - so it's here!

    G'day my friend - just needed to tell you to go on you tube - or some such thing and watch Frank Turner - chuffin brill.

    Hadn't heard of him til yesterday when I caught Try This At Home on 6 Music (Steve Lamacq - if you're asking)

    Fave is the Live version of 'Ballad of Me and My Friends'

    Go enjoy!

    Mark F Smith

  2. fraid there name put me off them sounds a bit 5th form commonroom but the tunes good

  3. Excellent choice Mr H, it has been running through my head recently but not today, its more like girls in their packamacs, really needed submarine to get to Aberdeen this morning!

  4. I remebered what was confusing me about this there's a springsteen songs with similar refrain.


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