Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Sounds Of Summer

Here's something else I've been enjoying from my Big Summer Playlist 2010 (cunningly formed in iTunes by selecting all songs with 'summer' in the title - brilliant!).

This was written by The Shangs' personal manager Larry Martire, about whom I know nothing, sadly.

Say life’s a game and it hurries by so fast
And if you find someone to love, do your best to make it last
We were too young and the summer's come and gone
Until the time we meet again the memory lingers on

The Shangri-Las - 'The Sweet Sounds Of Summer' (1966)


  1. Lazy playlist making Mr H. But the quality of the product is excellent.

  2. Man, isn't it great to hear those harmonies? I'm really diggin' the outfits too!

    Great choice for Summer - thanks!

  3. It's splendid isn't it?

    Lazy Playlister Dave!


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