Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowed Under

Actual picture taken by me of actual snow

I'm sorry. I've been too busy Tweeting about #uksnow to write a blog post - it's pathetic, it really is. And in other news I've had to computerise the mother-in-law's LP of The Very Best Of Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains since she no longer owns a record player. And Mrs H wants to get kittens. So as you can see, there have been many demands on my time.

I've gone on about all of my favourite snow records (Bon Iver, Aretha) here before, and I really do think it's still a bit early to post Low's 'Just Like Christmas' (even though it's not really a 'Christmas' record).

Can I offer you this as a sort of flip to Ms Ally's ?

Thank you for your understanding.

The Durutti Column - 'Sketch For Winter' (1980)


  1. kittens????!!? there'll be kittens???!!?!?! how can you possibly think of anything else. Kittens are ace. but do like using record cover spines as scratching posts. And your legs. vicious blighters as it goes. but still... kittens!!!!!!!??!!?!

  2. I feckin' hate snow! blowing a blizzard here again, shovel and sleeping bag in the car, along with plenty of Irn Bru and a couple of Mars bars as I have to go to Edinburgh tomorrow for EOY review. I really hate EOY reviews nearly as much as snow but the combination of both masy just tip me over the edge.
    Also Christmas songs should only be posted a week before at the earliest, Ed at 17 seconds started last week for fuck's sake!

    wv - redin, my face certaily is.

  3. BTW that's not snow that is a light dusting, jesus you southerners

  4. Kittens = trouble. Durutti Column = ace

  5. Been listening to the Return Of The Durutti Column almost constantly the past couple of weeks.

    Was going to post some myself this week. Put it on Facebook instead!

  6. We went to see the KITTENS tonight and have made our selection. I will keep yous updated.

    You looking for trouble? You come to the right place.


    Is Facebook that thing where Nanas get to see pictures of their grandchildren and 13 year olds go LOL!!! JUSTIN UR SO FIT!! and so on?

    And if so, what are the Durutti Column doing there?

  7. There are people you know who post things on Facebook that they might have been doing on the blogs. Sometimes the same stuff.

    Maybe we should get you on there. I'm told it's the future.

  8. Incidentally, if you've never listened to a Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains LP all the way through


  9. There are several bloggers on there, plus some old record shop friends of mine who have discussed recently: the state of pop music in 2010, Scott Walker, disco, the nature of revivals in music and culture in general and vintage synths. In the must of that The Durutti Column doesnt seem too out of place.

  10. I'm on there..FB that is. See also: Piley, Ally, BLTP and plenty more

  11. Think my post went missing click back and forward. Love the pic has same feel as the Atmosphere sleeve. Which is best vini reily or kittens.....

  12. Just thought: could call one Reilly and one Vini!

  13. And oh yes, sorry, there's only one way to find out - FIGHT!

  14. Think you should call one Durutti and one Column.

  15. if i had kittens they'd be called clacton and margate. my poor lovely squashed kitten was called marvin and boy was he a smasher (goes off for small lesbian sob)

  16. They'll drown in the snow you silly sod.

    I had 2 cats once, named simply after their colours. Shouting 'Honky' and 'Sambo' down the Mews caused some funny looks.

    'EOY Review' eh Drew? (Our friendly Scottish Commerce Executive Correspondent) - not surprised you're grumpy, I would be too. 'Eskimos On Yaks' - it's been a challenging Q4.
    And your Mars Bars will go cold. (Best eaten piping hot when deep-fried).

    There might be joke in there about ally and small pussies, but I for one, wouldn't stoop that low.

    Quite parky in Yorkshire after the second foot of snow. Had to put a second bar on the electric fire in the shed tonight.


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