Sunday, April 01, 2007


David Shire - 'Manhattan Skyline' (1977) from Saturday Night Fever OST (buy)
John Barry - 'Nocturnal New York' (1998) from The Beyondness Of Things (buy)


  1. Hey Davy -- I finally got around to listening to these. Nice stuff. I love John Barry's work on the James Bond soundtracks, so this piece was cool to hear. And what a great album title!!

  2. It's a great album Emmett - I would unreservedly recommend it if you like John Barry's work. It's big, expansive, lyrical - at times heartbreakingly sad. A kind of soundtrack to memories...

    Really glad you like the tracks.

  3. Yes, I heard the plaintive harmonica of Nocturnal NY again just yesterday as I walked through the subway (came up on shuffle on the iPod). Maybe I should delve a little deeper into the Barry catalogue generally. I know he wrote "Moonraker" and "All Time High" so he's already a legend in my books! Thanks for the tip on Beyondness...


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