Thursday, April 05, 2007

Eostre's Parade

The lady in the picture is Eostre, the ancient Northern European goddess associated with the dawn, spring and fertility. Often depicted with eggs (new life!) and rabbits - or more correctly, hares - (procreation! prodigious fertility!) she graced our festivals of the Spring Equinox, and then like so many other symbols of our once close connection with the Earth and our celebration of its turning, she had her holiday ripped off and co-opted by the Christian church, and was forgotten. Now only a version of her name remains...

I shall be remembering Eostre this weekend - and no doubt imbibing invigorating liquor in her honour in the traditional manner.
I'll also be playing this...

Patti Smith Group - 'Easter' (1978) (buy here)

...and looking forward very much to seeing the artist in question at Camden's legendary Roundhouse on 17th May.

And if the sun really does shine, and all is vernal, I might dream of still warmer days and sunsets to come, and go, frankly, more than a bit Balearic...

A Man Called Adam - 'Easter Song (Cafe Del Mar mix)' (2004) (buy on this).

Enjoy your weekend - we'll be back in a few days' time.


  1. Because it's been nice and sunny, does this mean we'll get the balearic beats you've promised? You mustn't tease.

  2. Checkout the Man Called Adam Vic. Not so much 'beats' but definitely Balearic. I wouldn't tease you know.


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